Monday, November 8, 2010

Yosh Han: Meet & Greet in NYC

Jodi Arnold NYC is hosting the launch of one of Yosh Han's successful, all-natural fragrances, held at the homonymous fashion boutique this Thursday, Nov. 11 from 6pm-8pm. Renowned artisanal perfumer Yosh Han will appear at Jodi Arnold NYC at 56 University Place (at 10th Street). Come meet Yosh and experience her new Evanescent Collection. The fragrance expert will also help attendees customize their scent, using a unique blend of chakra energy, numerology, and fragrance families.

"The women who say they 'hate perfume' are often the same ones who love the larger world of aromas, like scented flowers, savory cuisine, decadent desserts, and aromatic wines. 'Perfume haters' have negative feelings about the existing conventional way of perfume perception: mass-market department store overload or too much perfume in a small elevator. When you’re in a busy department store, your primal instincts and adrenals kick in. And if you have one too aggressive sales person pushing that smell on you, well, it’s understandable why you may have an adverse reaction to perfume." - Yosh Han

Read a full interview with Yosh.

There is no ticket or reservation involved. You can see more current info on Facebook.

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