Thursday, November 11, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide 2010

It's that time of the year again, when we think about those we love and want to treat to something that will make them smile. Preferably if it caresses the senses it's even better! So let's see some suggestions for every need.

  • For the pampered type or the great-ambience-loving friend:
Diptyque limited edition Noel 2010 candles trio: A collection of the famous Diptyque candles, 70g each, in Feu de Bois (Woodfire), Pomander and Sapin (Fir tree). They go for 66euros. Diptyque also makes big stand-alone candles(190g) for the holidays in festive-coloured glass jars with similarly festive scents to aromatize the house for the holidays: Pin (pine) in green, Oliban (olibanum/frankincense) in royal blue, and Orange Epicée (spicy orange) in ruby red.
And of course I can't but highly, highly recommend my beloved Opopanax which is sumptuous powdery orientalia in fragrant vapour... An amazing winter scent!!

  • For the serious perfume-philiac:
Traversée du Bosphore, like its namesake strait, is the link between West and East, or rather, between cutting-edge modern French perfumery and its ancient Oriental roots.
Duchaufour eschewed cliches to come up with a composition that marries on the one hand Anatolian leather (suede more like it) and Turkish delight into a unique interpretation of the leather genre. Dry, powdery iris dusts the top notes, while saffron provides another leathery touch. on the other hand a fruity accord of tart apple and pomegranate referencing the apple-scented tobacco smoked in hookahs and the pomegranate juice sold in the markets. The final aftertaste is the rose pistachio-accented Turkish delight. A sweet leather scent for both sexes.

  • For the cosmetics junkie:
I was sent info on a new line of non sticky, non glossy lip balms called Lip Elixirs. Created for both men and women, Lip Elixirs is an all-natural line of lip balms in a variety of cocktail flavors including Mimosa, Mojito, Vanilla Bourbon, Sassafras and Chocolate Martini.(You knew there would be some aromatic temptation, wouldn't you?) The lip products are made of Kukui nut oil, aloe and cocoa butters blended with all-natural essential oils and are packaged in a understated retro tin. I admit I would love to receive some Sassafras (with the taste of traditional root beer) or the rather unusually scented Mimosa myself!

  • For those with a naturals streak running through them:
Cimbalom by Roxana Illuminated Perfume: This pure botanical fragrance has been named after the stringed instrument closely related to the hammered dulcimer. Like the exotic musical chordophone that can be found dating back to 3500 BC, melodic notes of jasmine with percussive beats of resinous amber and a flourish of citrus rind engage your senses. Cimbalom is a rich floriental featuring Labdanum, Indonesian Patchouli, Indian Jasmine, Ginger and Orange. The fragrance contains a limited edition tincture of jasmine sambac blossoms from the perfumer's woodland garden paired with three different jasmine absolutes. It is available as a liquid perfume extrait in .25ml, 1 ml (sample sizes) and the 7ml flacon as well as in a solid format at Roxana's E-shop. (And while there take a look at the Victorian lockets filled with solid perfume!)

Natural Perfumers' Guild Subscription: Treat someone who wants to seriously learn about perfumes (or yourself!) to a subscription to a great value program, hosted by the Guild of natural perfumers. All new members will receive 20% off the current membership fee. The categories below show the reduced rate, and will be available to all new members who join between October 20, 2010 and November 30, 2010. As a signup bonus, new members will be able to download 50+ vintage, classic and current valuable perfumery and perfumery-related books and articles. You can read the prices and sign up on this page. Give the gift that lasts a whole year! Anya McCoy also gives personal perfumery classes, providing a degree for those following the course, at Perfume Classes. Worth checking out as well.

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pic of candle and macaroons via Chasing Rainbows, Kissing Frogs.


  1. E, what a fabulous list you have compiled! Your review of Cimbalom is especially enticing. And those Diptyque candles are always a great gift idea.


  2. Elena, thanks so much for including Cimbalom amongst these sumptuous suggestions. I had the pleasure of sniffing some of those Diptyque candles at Sniffa LA. My favorites were the woody ones like Feu de Bois. I don't recall experiencing Opopanax, it sounds divine!

  3. Hmmm, I seem to be all of those people you listed because I wouldn't mind getting all of your choices. :)

  4. Thanks Trish! And for your organising.
    I don't usually like candles, but the Diptyques are usually great, especially the "darker" ones.

  5. Roxana,

    you're welcome and deservedly. I LOVE Feu de Bois, aren't those very good? You should definitely try the Opopanax, it's how Shalimar used to be (hazy, powdery, smoky) before they ruined it.

  6. Ines,

    nothing wrong with that!!! :-)


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