Thursday, October 7, 2010

Releasing the Inner Swarovski Crystals

I'm amazed by what ends up in my email inbox. Sometimes the products presented defy all possible logic.
This time it was a limited edition Swarovski crystal covered signature fragrance for dogs presented with the tag line "canine style unleashed".

It comes from Sexy Beast Style who apparently haven't even heard the word "economic crisis" or have considered how a Swarovski crystal item for dogs might pose some real danger to endearing canine digestive tracks. At any rate if you have 850$ to splurge, this is your dog's Christmas gift. The scent is said to include classic bergamot, vanilla, patchouli, and nutmeg oils, while the presentation is designed by Karim Rassid and can be engraved with your dog's name ("because it's worth it!" maybe?).


  1. Are you sure those are the right notes for Sexy Beast? As an animal lover, I expected the fragrance to be designed around what dogs like. Here are my notes for a perfume that the bespoke dog would love: fresh cut grass, raw steak, chicken livers, rotten fish, stale doughnuts, cat poop, lard, patchouli.

    As for the crystals, well, I too find it incomprehensible. But I guess you've got to catch the eye of the buyer--the idiot with the credit card and only two feet. :-)

  2. QC,

    exactly, sounds like a vanity item for a vain dog-owner.

  3. Anonymous13:41

    As unnecessary for dogs as putting nailpolish on them or colouring their fur.
    Some humans are crazy..


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