Friday, October 22, 2010

Christy Turlington: new face for Avon

Supermodel of the 90s and successful business-woman Christy Turlington has signed up with cosmetics giant Avon to appear in their new fragrance Slip Into (Avon, that is), according to WWD.

Even though the phrase is usually used to denote something comfortable (and slinky), the new fragrance is supposedly seeking "to capture the transformative power of stepping into a high-heel shoe" (Why not just don the darn thing already?). Avon VP Vanessa Reggiardo explained, “The idea of transformation is a very exciting one. It’s really about that moment of slipping out of flats into high heels — that act that makes women feel more confident, more sexy and more sophisticated.” Christy added, “I can really admire [high heels] because I don’t wear them too often. I’m not one of the moms who wears heels when dropping the kids at school.” [source] The super-mom is notoriously dismissive of all the accoutrements of her profession and the fake "glamour" it perpetuates, especially as she emerged herself in the No Woman, No Cry documentary: "There's nothing rewarding about modeling. It was a fun opportunity that allowed me to see the world, but spiritually and intellectually there is nothing rewarding about the profession at all." [source]

Interestingly, there is a divide on the name: The fragrance will launch in Europe as Slip Into in January 2011, and roll out to Latin America in March 2011 under the name Step Sexy. It’s slated to hit North America as Step Into Sexy in October 2011, pushed aiming at the holiday selling season. There is a difference in pricing and concentration though: This Avon fragrance will be available globally as a 50ml. eau de toilette for $22.50 and in North America as an eau de parfum for $28.
As to the scent it's purported to be "an oriental floral by IFF, has top notes of blackberry, freesia and violet leaf; a heart of rosewood, violet and butterfly orchid, and a drydown of Cashmeran, sueded orris root and golden ambers. The bottle is inspired by the curve of a women’s calf as she slips into a high heel. " [source]

pic via jezebel


  1. Anonymous10:13

    Avon has been pulling in stars like Jennifer Hudson, Reese Witherspoon and Zoe Saldana for new fragrances.

    Avon introduces (and then phases out) so many fragrances that it's hard to keep up. I suppose it's all about the bottom line of making the most money with new scents and a pretty & famous face to sell them.

    ~ Susan

  2. A good choice- she's beautiful but you don't envy her, so I can see her being a good spokesperson

  3. Susan,

    they do, don't they? (personally I was always wowed by Zoe Saldana, that woman is soooooo beautiful!)
    But yes, they do launch a lot of stuff, it's no different I guess with the industry at large: new juice drives curiosity and thus sales. Usually, as I don't have an Avon rep in the vicinity, I never even test them out! Oh well...

  4. K,

    I'd say you're absolutely correct on both scores! (and a nice observation -and an accurate one- on the second part, I think it plays a big part in wanting to emulate someone through a product)


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