Sunday, July 18, 2010

The winner of the draw...

...for a full bottle of pure parfum by DSH Musk Eau Natural is Dionne! Congratulations!!
Please email me with a shipping address so I can forward to the perfumer to get your prize in the mail for you soon.
Thanks everyone for playing along and till the next one.

I'm reminding you that there are still three members who haven't contacted me for the Aftelier giveaway (or you can email Mandy at Aftelier directly): Lilacskin, Arch.memory and Lavanya. Please do so, the prizes care waiting to get mailed to you!

I will be announcing the winners of the full Tauer bottles giveaway in a short while.
And there will be a full review of a much anticipated non-yet launched perfume later on. ;-)


  1. Congratulations Dionne!

  2. Thank you so much! This is the fragrance I've been crossing my fingers about (would it be weird to admit I spent several hours lying in bed one night thinking about what I'd write for my comment?)

  3. Anonymous05:53

    Congrats Dionne!

  4. Congrats Dionne!


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