Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Feel Just Like Grenouille!

Feast your eyes upon an authentic 18th century perfume cabinet.
What would you put in there? Let me hear you!

As seen on Chateau Thombeau.


  1. Ohmigod, that is gorgeous!! I don't know that I have anything worthy of putting into those vessels. Precious oils, Mysore sandalwood, oudhs, rare chypres--if I owned any of those things. But now I can only dream...

  2. wow wow wow- I wouldn't I don't think- I would just gaze at it and play with the bottles and have it as a lovely thing

  3. I would feel like him too - I'm super envious!

  4. Amazing!!! ambrette, vanilla, cedar, rosewood, everything!

  5. It's beautiful. But I don't understand why you feel like a frog?

  6. How gorgeous. I wish someone would make things like that today. Sometimes it seems like the world has lost so much splendor.

  7. QC,

    it is rather grand, eh? It requires equally grand contents.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  8. K,

    playing sounds like what I'd do too!

  9. BF,

    I knew you'd understand. Thanks for commenting!

  10. Nina,

    ambrette is a current mania of mine, so yeah!
    The rest are excellent choices too.

  11. KJ,

    I'm not feeling especially French (LOL, frog) as I'm feeling like the hero in Das Parfum before the display at Baldini's.

    Hi there! :-)

  12. P,

    ain't that the truth....*sigh*
    Traditional craftsmanship and things that endure seem like they've disappeared.

  13. I am sorry Elena, but I never thought you'd be so brazen to post porn on your website.

  14. @Dusan: LOL!!!
    My husband also calls this blog, along with many others I peruse "perfume porn", so your comment struck me as particularly funny. That photo IS like porn for some of us, hehe.
    Elena, is that your cabinet?? I would put lovely essential oils and maybe some rare decants in the bottles. It does make me wonder why things like this aren't available now. Or maybe they are, but they are so ridiculously expensive that people like me dont know of them. It does make me think of building my own cabinet though...


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