Monday, May 31, 2010

The Mystery of Musk: Revolutionary Joint Project in Animalic Notes

Do you miss a little skank in your life? Do you often wonder how does real musk smell or would like to find beautiful alternative fragrances to your cheap or oil favourites? It is my honour to announce to our readers that under the kind invitation of the Natural Perfumers' Guild I am organising an exciting and truly pioneering new project, called The Mystery of Musk. The project took the form of inviting several worthy perfumers who dabble in naturals on occasion of the 4th anniversary of the Guild to come up with that most elusive element of them all: a real-smelling animalic musk base for perfumery! Musk is possibly the number one subject of interest among those who love all kinds of perfume, both natural and synthetic. Musk fascinates! Many perfumistas realize that natural perfumers don’t use synthetic musks and civets and such, but that they search for alternatives that give the same effect. The Yahoo Natural Perfumery Group, the Basenotes forum contributors and a pleiad of prominent bloggers will be evaluating the fragrances thus produced in a few weeks. Best of all, each and every one of these musk perfumes will be optioned for a bottle giveaway through the participating venues, just for you! (one bottle giveaway for each blogger, one for Basenotes and one for the Yahoo Natural Perfumery Group, so you will have several opportunities to enter to win). Considering these are very costly creations to begin with due to the high prices of the essential oils, absolutes and essences used, I know you will appreciate this unique chance. The giveaways and reviews will roll out at the beginning of July. And in preparation of that, the Musk Series on The Perfume Shrine will be enriched with more musk reviews and relevant commentary for your enjoyment!

So without further ado, may I present you the participating perfumers.

Participating Perfumers for The Mystery of Musk project:

Adam Gottschalk – Lord’s Jester

Alexandra Balahoutis – Strange Invisible Perfumes

Alfredo Dupetit – BioScent by dupetit

Ambrosia Jones – Perfume by Nature

Anya McCoy – Anya’s Garden Perfumes

Charna Ethier – Providence Perfumes

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz – DSH Perfumes

Elise Pearlstine – Tambela Perfumes

Jane Cate – A Wing and a Prayer Perfumes

JoAnne Bassette – JoAnne Bassett Perfumes

Lisa Fong – Artemisia Perfume

Nicholas Jennings – Sharini Parfums Naturels

The evaluators members at the Yahoo Natural Perfumery Group as well as those from the Basenotes forum are announced on the respective venues. The president of the Natural Perfumers' Guild, Anya McCoy, will keep you abreast of the details.
The participating blogs will be: Bittergrace Notes, Ca Fleure Bon, First Nerve, Grain de Musc, Indie Perfumes, I Smell Therefore I Am, the Non Blonde, Olfactarama, Olfactory Rescue Service, and of course the Perfume Shrine.

Stay tuned for all the exciting new features!

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Pic copyrighted by the Natural Perfumers' Guild, reproduced with permission.


  1. I, for one, cannot contain my excitement over this! It should be ever so wonderful to have modern fragrances with true animalic notes.

  2. Looking forward to this.

    I am a big DSH fan, as well.

  3. Looking forward to this.

    I am a big DSH fan, as well.

  4. Sounds delightful, E...what a great way to roll out information on ingredients and process and then actually have a chance to experience the application.

    Best wishes with all phases...looking forward to each. :)

  5. Thanks for hosting this, Elena, your musk series was surely an inspiration. I will be bottling up my musk/skin scent later this week. I smelled one other perfumer's so far, and it was wonderful! She went for a "green musk", very innovative.

  6. I will look forward to reading you all- musk is fascinating!

  7. Mimi Gardenia17:30

    Wonderful ,Helg !

  8. Sue,

    indeed! Thanks for commenting with such enthusiasm. :-)

  9. M,

    it should be quite exciting, I am very optimistic.

  10. S,

    it's exactly as you say: a chance to see everything from the inside out. Pretty interesting and hopefully it will provide worthwhile creations that might stick around for purchase long after.

  11. Anya,

    you're most welcome! It was an utter pleasure not only because I'm personally interested but also because I think it's unprecedented and gives a shot to small perfumers to be out there and reach new audiences.

    I can't wait to smell everyone's efforts, especially after what you tell me here.

  12. K,

    yeah, pretty fabulous stuff, deserves to be treated as it should. Thanks for the support!

  13. MG,

    hope you will get a kick out of everything as soon as it rolls out.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Peggy11:40

    Dear Helg,
    Cannot wait!Musk is my favourite ingredient of all. What a great idea. :)
    I will stay tuned

  15. Anonymous12:33

    What a fab project of Musk! :-)

  16. Peggy,

    I would welcome your comments and questions any time!! We share the love.

  17. Brownie,

    it sure shapes up to be that!


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