Friday, May 7, 2010

Dior Escale aux Marquises: new fragrance

This coming June, Christian Dior adds a third cologne to his Escale cruise collection (fragrance de croisière ) with Escale aux Marquises (pronounced Eh-SKULL o Mar-KEEZ), which joins Escale à Portofino and Escale à Pondichéry.
Like the last two, this one is also composed by head perfumery at Dior right now, François Demachy. The composition is worked in Eau de Cologne style aiming to a fresh, feminine spirit. The heart revolves around the exotic and much loved tiaré blossom, garlanded with spicy and fresh notes evoking the Indian Ocean.

The îles Marquises of course are part of the French Polynesia which is in the South Pacific, so I am a bit lost on why the Indian Ocean has anything to do with the concept, but I guess it's a well-known scent reference, since so many essences come from the subcontinent. But you know how perfume brands work...(see Terracotta Sous le Vent)

Dior's Escale aux Marquises features notes of blood orange, pink pepper, cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, ginger, clove, nutmeg, coriander, elemi resin, benzoin, Amalfi lemon and tiaré blossom.
Escale aux Marquises will launch on June 2nd 2010 in three sizes: 75ml (68,26€), 125ml (97,37€), and 200ml (136,52€), available at major department stores.


  1. I loved the Portofino (bought a bottle last summer) -- it's very nutty on me, caraway-almondy. I think the notes for this one sound wonderful. But I thought Pondichery sounded good, too, and it wasn't. At least on me!

  2. stella p14:35

    Agree with March: really enjoy the Portofino, but found the Pondichery uninteresting.

  3. This sounds promising ...;-)

    Happy Mother's Day, darling.
    I loved your poem on Cafleurebon .

  4. M,

    I can't say I was too impressed with Pondichery and, although perfectly nice, Portofino didn't really thrill me either as I have some things in the same vein, I guess. I think the notes for the new one are really good, but of course we both know that notes don't tell the whole story! LOL Ah well, I'm sure these will sell well. Summer audiences want something light.

  5. S,

    I definitely see that most liked Porto instead of Pondi. Let's see what happens with Marqui. (the "cut" word, latest obsession) :P

    HOpe you're well!

  6. Ida,

    it does, doesn't it? Who knows, it might be good enough to get a bottle. We'll see soon enough, I guess.

    Thanks honey for the nice words, your own was marvellous!

  7. And hope you had a lovely Mother's Day!! (hugs to you and regards to your family)


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