Friday, March 5, 2010

Jennifer Aniston Launches her Own Celebrity Fragrance: Lola Vie

In a sea of celebrity scents (ie.commercial fragrances fronted by celebrities who lend some of the glamour into pushing -often mediocre at best- juice) another newcomer is ready to strut her foot into the mess and with a flick of her honey-gold mane make us look and hopefully sniff long enough to buy: Friends show and several movies' star Jennifer Aniston, also known for her marriage to Brad Pitt.

"According to OK!, Jen has been developing the perfume for nearly two years, although she is apparently on the fence about what to call it. The actress "has yet to get 100 percent behind any name," says an insider, "but the one she favors is 'Aniston.'" Not so, says her spokesman, who calls the eponymous perfume speculation "wrong." "It will not have her name," he assures us. Another moniker that was apparently nixed: Echo. "It’s all about capturing the idea of romance and freedom at any age," the source explains to the mag, "but it's hard to do that in just one word." [source]
Tell us about it! No word on the's all about the name! We'll update when more info becomes available.

Edit to Add: According to UsMagazine "A rep for the actress, 41, confirms that her first fragrance will be named Lola Vie, which roughly translates into 'laughing at life' in French" {sic} and is being developed by the Falic Group which is also behind Eva Longoria's eponymous fragrance. I would rather think that it takes texting in mind, as in LOL @ Vie (where throughfully vie means life in French) "I've worked on it for over a year," Aniston recently said of her scent to London's Capital Breakfast Show. "When they asked, I don't think they really expected me to be [so] picky. But you've got to have it smell right."

According to recent reportage, Aniston, a former fan of Miss Dior and Anais Anais in her formative years, has progressed from the "heavier" scents and is now aiming for a "non perfume-y" scent that will have people exclaiming "What is that smell? You smell great!" I'm supressing a yawn as we speak, but maybe there might be something decent in the works, who knows?
The advertising campaign makes ample use of ms.Aniston's lithe body, clad in only a towel, sitting on the rocks of a deserted beach.

Photo collage created by Perfumeshrine. Photo of Aniston for the ad campaign through


  1. Anonymous13:06

    I'm looking foward to giving Jen's perfume a smell test!...I'm also looking forward to testing perfumes such as... Gwen's/Lamb...Beyonce's/Heat...and Kim's perfume as well:)...

  2. sharil14:46

    ..and I think the name they are circling is horrible. I do. Not as a last name but a perfume? It's awfully stuffy sounding.

  3. I am so sick of half baked celebs putting out scent and not only is this one a shocking actor but that bottle placement on her arm like a tattoo is tasteless and tacky.
    The perfume will probably be the same.

    Not a fan Helg! LOL

  4. Anon,

    I hear good things about Kim's (a tuberose-gardenia one). Don't know about the rest, Lamb is but a blur to me...
    Hope you find something worthwhile!

  5. Sharil,

    so nice to see you here!
    Probably calling some perfume by anyone's last name is a bad idea I think: Not only does it detract from the idea of being able to graft the image/concept/whatever on the wearer, it also lacks some mystery, which I think should be present even in celebrity scents.
    And yeah, in this case in particular, it's rather stuffy. But they say they probably won't use it anyway, so it remains to be seen what they will choose. "Shame on you Angelina" I suppose is off limits?? *evil grin*

  6. M,

    ahem...I should probably hereby admit that the tattoo bottle on her arm is only my sick and twisted idea of half-baked celebrities having a scent out...mrs.Aniston is totally innocent of that one!

    LOL! It's rather funny that everyone and I mean EVERYONE has a scent out there! Reminds me of a Clint Eastwood second thought, that should be censored. :P

  7. "Aniston" sounds like aftershave. Her scent ought to be called "Nice Firm Keister". THAT's memorable.

  8. would be more excited if she was launching her own range of loo roll

  9. Anonymous16:22

    My vote is for "Acquiescent"
    for Jen's new juice.

    Wait is that Jen's bare butt in the background? Okay lets call it

  10. weegee,

    that's just splendindly funny, can I quote you on that one?? LOL!
    Thanks for commenting!

  11. K,

    couldn't have said it better myself, you're in for a quote when this launches as well :-)

  12. Anon,

    I well can see that companies are surely wasting their time and talents. Why don't they ask our witty readers for quips? Butte works for me! :P

  13. So funny! I'm going w Solo-pretty apt description.

  14. Solo works for Jen, definitely !! LOL (poor lady, we shouldn't make fun of her personal life, I suppose *hangs head in shame*)

  15. The fact that they pretend all this namesake perfume stuff is all about the celebs' love of fragrance and not strictly about making money with licensing rights just grates my cheese. If you're someone who has the resources of Ms. Aniston, and you truly love perfume, is this the way you'd do it? Because if I had that kind of money & drag, I'd be taking meetings with Duchaufour or Celine Ellena or any of the other really talented perfumers out there who would make something truly extraordinary, and marketing be damned. It's fine to say you're into perfume, but if you really loved it, I can't believe you'd create one in this mass-produced way that pretty much guarantees limited creativity and lower-quality ingredients. The wannabes who line up to buy it at department stores might be fooled, but I? Am not.

    Harrumph! So there! ::carefully climbs down from soapbox::

  16. Could you give me a boost up onto the soapbox? Her endeavor is probably MEANT to reach the masses! I don't think celebs and/or many people view perfume the way we do.

  17. SS,

    no doubt you're absolutely right and by all means I welcome soapbox thoughts.
    I can't really bring myself to think that most of the celebrities really focus so much on the ancillary products that "come together" with their celeb status. Seems to me they're in for the ride and they do what their PR and accountant suggest. There are a couple of exceptions of people who really like fragrance (Catherine Deneuve, Alain Delon, SJP to name but a few) and who do have some small say in the whole deal (probably not seismic enough, but some say all the same).
    But the majority is following a well-troden path, hence the same-old same-old.

    Aniston has been known to opt for Djonkha lately (a Duchaufour no less), which perplexes me: Is she into perfume and just not bothering with the mass-marketed celeboscent or is she a victim of the "the famous are into the arcane and cool" in what regards style matters?? Which is worse?

  18. Lorelie,

    assuredly so! I doubt too many people around the world could follow our discussions without their eyes glazing over! But then again, there are other semi-obscure hobbies around, so I don't really fret about it myself. :-)

    Like I said in response to Style Spy just above, I believe that there is some sort of marketing and pushing scheme involved in the lines of "great, now we're launching a clothes line for fans, then a promo song, then the celebo-perfume, then when you get your own kids, a baby-clothes line, then the bed-time-stories, etc etc." It's so much part of a pattern, you know?

  19. Totally in agreement. I wonder if we should put some of the perfume shame on Elizabeth Taylor:). Or who was the first celeb perfume? and thinking of that, what do you suppose Bette Davis or Joan Crawford would have smelled like or what they wore....makes me start laughing, just thinking of being terrified of Bette Davis in some old movie. Next up: Scary Perfume! Oh, just occurred to me that's coming soon anyway...would you read me a bedtime story now?

  20. Sure will Lorelie, it's already getting scary!


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