Monday, March 1, 2010

Esxence: exhibition in Italy news

Esxence: the scent of Excellence, the Art Perfumery’s Event takes place from 25th to 28th of March 2010 in Milan . The location is the renowned art museum La Permanente, in the heart of the City.
Esxence’s new location will welcome a lot of interesting friends such as Michael Edwards, well-known author of the book “Fragrances of the World”, Maurice Maurin, the Great French Master Perfumer author of the book “ La Sagesse du Créateur de Parfum”, of which Calé was the mover behind the Italian translation. L'Osmothèque, le Conservatoire International des parfums in Versailles and the Museo del Profumo in Milan and other supporters will propose workshops and events committed to improve the Perfumery Art knowledge.

Among participants who will attend we can quote the 7th descendant of Creed dynasty, Erwin Creed, or the 8th descendant of Floris family, Tom Marsh, but also the “nose” behind the Italian brands Calé Fragranze d’Autore and Profumi di Pantelleria , Maurizio Cerizza, the dynamic Parfums d’Orsay owner, Marie Huet and the “big Breton” Antoine Vuillermet, owner and creator of Lostmarc’h. The wonderful world of Humiecki&Graef will be proposed by Sebastian Fischenich and Dmitri Denissov will be happy to teach you the story of Mark Buxton . The world of wet shaving and men’s grooming, from Truefitt&Hill to Gentlemen’s Tonic, will be a huge discovery!

To get an idea of the special atmosphere you could brea the at Esxence last year please visit Esxence gallery.php.
If you would like to visit please remember to register yourself on the website to receive by e-mail your personal invitation.

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