Friday, January 29, 2010

Resolution #1: Find a Signature Scent

I wouldn't go that far, but the good people at Ormonde Jayne just informed me with a cute mail that the sampler set is back in stock. And the discovery set is indeed the perfect way to find your very own Ormonde Jayne fragrance.
11 x 2ml mini sprays with a small brochure explaining each scent, in a black and gold box. The shipping is complimentary worldwide and the price of the set is 35 UK pounds. (Pity the magnificent Tiare isn't included yet)
Link to online boutique is here.


  1. I just got that email too ... and I'd buy it in a heartbeat, if I hadn't bought it already!
    The OJ sample set was money well spent - worth every penny.

  2. It IS a lovely assortment.

    [BTW- I DID buy the Tiare 'blind'- and was NOT disappointed;-) ]

  3. P,

    it's a very worthwhile set, which is why I posted about it! Great selection and big sprayers. Glad you're enjoying it!
    (I hope they will include Tiare in the future, lots of people seem to want it included)

  4. Ida,

    thanks, yes.

    Tiare is wonderful isn't it? (I NEED to get a bottle of this) Like Cristalle, but more open-hearted somehow, less spectacled secretary, more sexy librarian. ;-)

  5. Anonymous17:26

    I went into Ormonde Jayne in London to request a Tiare sample, and met Linda Pilkington herself, who was charming. She told me that they were having supply problems with the tiare absolute and were not only out of samples, they were running low on bottles as well. What a shame, I was eager to try it, but she assures me the issues will be resolved before too long.

  6. I LOVE a sample set. Going to look right now on the OJ website to get one!

  7. I've narrowed it down to a handful I never want to do without, and that's as close to a signature as I'm going to get, I fear. I guess my signature would be like when the President signs a bill into law and he uses a different pen for every letter!

  8. Anon, my understanding from talking to Linda is that the supplier of the raw material can only provide so much, which makes producing a batch a matter of calculated ratios. It's heartening to hear they will manage to find a way to offer the supply which the demand...demands! :-)

  9. SS,

    yeah, aren't they nifty? This one is also very satisfying in quantity, the sprayers are big.

  10. Style spy,

    great simile!! Thanks for this, made my day! :D


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