Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Diptyque (Red): All for a Good Cause!

Diptyque lends its image and its expertise to the association (RED) for its new creation. Light and creamy Vanilla Rooibos is born of an encounter between dual-faceted African rooibos tea. A fragrance with particular force and the enchanting scent of grilled amber. Herbaceous fragrance notes and tobacco, evoking that particular part of the world. Then, with voluptuousness, a powdered and fleshy note comes to finish the olfactory journey.
Diptyque contributes 4 euros for each candle sold to support and help (RED) in its fight against viral diseases in Africa.
(RED) is not charity.(RED) is not cause. (RED) is not theory. (RED) is the simple idea of transforming our acts of consumption in a joint force to help those in need.
(RED) reconciles the pleasure of buying an object of desire in a affirmative action. In only 2 years, people have opted to buy (RED) products have positively influenced the lives of 2.5 million Africans!

Available now wherever Diptyque is sold.

info via press release


  1. This looks wonderful E! Have you smelled it yet?

  2. ...it seems like you have by your description, LOL! I guess my question is, do you highly recommend it?


  3. I like this! they have thought about the product being relevant to the cause. Cool.

  4. It's certainly recommended to support such a cause! :-)

    And I do think it's rather cool to think about something relevant when one wants to correlate their product with a certain social campaign.

  5. So true E!

    Even still, I would love to sniff before I buy. But it does sound like an amazing scent, and worth taking a chance on :-)


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