Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Basenotes Project: Work with Perfumers to Create a Winning Fragrance

Grant Osborne, the creative force behind, one of the top perfume sites celebrating its 10th year this year, had a fabulous breakthrough idea in which you're all invited: Can 35,000 Fragrance Connoisseurs Collectively Create a Winning Fragrance? To that end they organised the Basenotes Venture. have joined forces with internationally renowned fragrance house, CPL Aromas, and introduced a unique new project allowing members of the public, as well as registered users, to collectively submit fragrance briefs and work alongside three highly respected perfumers in the creation of three new fragrances. Offering various levels of interaction, this project provides a rare insight behind the scenes into the way the industry creates and produces fragrances. For full details of how to sample, evaluate and direct the three fragrances, as well as a booking page for an exclusive interactive teach-in at CPL's incredible facility on February 4th 2010 visit

If you're not a Basenotes member, I strongly advise to become one, it's absolutely free.

info via press release

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