Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kate Moss Vintage: her love for old things (new fragrance)

In an interview she gives to Brendan O'Connor (a professed lover of scent, judging by his wearing of Chanel Bel Respiro), alongside the watching eye of Steve Mormoris, vice president of Global Marketing for Coty, Kate Moss talks about her newest fragrance after Kate (2007), Velvet Hour (2008) and Kate Summer Time (2009). It's called Vintage to reflect her love for old things "that have stories" and her whole aesthetic.

Hot on the heels of her Some Velvet Morning cover, the Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra song she recorded with Primal Scream, Kate has embraced her love for vintage even in perfumes. For this foray into fragrance collaboration woth Coty she went for the softer side, not her party side, she reveals, reflecting a classier aim. The perfume was developed by Olivier Polge and includes notes of pink pepper, freesia, mandarin, heliotrope, jasmine, almond blossom, tonka bean, vanilla and musk. (notes via NST) One could of course argue that that list reads nothing like Vintage, more like another increment in the vast array of modern compositions.
Still, Kate Moss Vintage is a fruity floriental, which according to the writer is "a little bit cooler and less overwhelmingly flowery than some other personality-driven perfumes. It comes in a very cool bottle and the whole package is very Kate Moss. It's the Rolling Stones in the Sixties meets Ladbroke Grove punk meets Wicklow trustafarian. It's an afghan coat and butterflies and a glass of champagne"...

Read the whole article on the Independent.ie clicking here
And here is the TV commercial directed by leading British artist and photographer Katerina Jebb, featuring her "scanning" technique. Music is taken from Nocturne Op.9 no.1 in B flat Minor by Polish composer Frédéric Chopin. You can call that timeless, for sure!

Photo of Kate Moss via fashionindie.com, bottle pic via shoppingblog.com


  1. I'm quite interested in this. The presentation is lovely aside from the Kate Moss logo which I have never liked. She has great taste generally and- from your lovely website- we know she has great taste in pefume as well.

    I didn't hate Kate and I think you have to accept that she wouldn't have been given total free reign. I wasn't at all keen on velvet hour, much too sweet and to even suggest any likeness with L'heure Bleue was scarilige- as if! but this sounds more promising- for a celebrity scent. I wonder if it could challenge the high preistess of celebrity scent SJP? probably not but you never know.

    Ooh the word verification is cheri- how cute!

  2. K,

    the presentation is nice (love that Chopin piece for the commercial, to be completely frank with you; how could I not?), although like you I'm not impressed by the KM logo...(so blah)
    I do hear lots of people liking her first scent, so I am psyched to give it a try. (Although I hear Coty was short on the budget... Anyway, without smelling who can judge? Not me!)

    Cheri: just like you!

  3. Uck, give me a fucking break. Excuse my vulgarity, but give me a fucking break.

  4. D,

    you've got a point...I haven't smelled any of her perfumes, so can't comment. Nice dress though, eh? :-)

    On another note (har har), how are you? Long time no see, hope everything is going smoothly for you! (hugs)


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