Thursday, November 19, 2009

The fragrance of Ma-I: scent exhibition in Singapore

A scented exhibition is taking place at the Singapore Art Museum where the fragrance bar installated showcases fragrances with names like Squalor, Opulence and Pahinga (the last one evokes coconut massage oil memories of the creator's childhood.

"Filipino artist Christina Goldie Poblador has created the smells of a city: Think whiffs of gasoline or rotten eggs, which is supposed to remind people of government. There are more pleasant fragrances too, which are associated with friendship and family. Her fascinating mixed-media installation work, comprising 30 perfumes in handmade glass bottles, is titled Ang Halimuyak Ng Ma-I or The Fragrance Of Ma-I, the pre-colonial name of the Philippines.
The “fragrances” were created as part of her studio art graduation project at the University of Philippines in March. It created so much interest that it has travelled to three locations in Manila and made it to a prestigious Filipino art showcase here".

Read the rest of the article on this strange but interesting exhibition on The Malaysian Insider

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  1. Petals09:32

    I am in Sg and definitely going to catch this! I hope you are well E!

  2. By all mean, T, I am counting on you to report back. I'm afraid it will take me a long long time to get back to Singapore. One day...


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