Sunday, November 1, 2009

Amouage Contest: Win Epic bottles and samples!

Courtesy of with which we have a nice rapport, I was honoured to receive news of the contest they have organised after their Christopher Chong interview which I had linked to in the recent past. What is it? Write about the mystery man in the Jubilation videos and enter the contest to win 50 samples of the latest Epic by Amouage while the grand winners (one male, one female) chosen by Christopher Chong himself will receive a bottle of Epic for Men and another of Epic for Women!

"Extrait had the idea of Amouage Perfumes Contest with the purposet to involve all perfume lovers and everyone else in an entertaining "web 2.0 storytelling" inspired by fragrances. This is the starting point of Extrait collaboration with Amouage through Finmark, the brand’s Italian distributor.During the latest years, under the artistic direction of Christopher Chong, the omanian perfumes creator associated a videos set to their fragrances, taking inspiration from the tradition of Arabian Nights. A mysterious man appears in the video of Jubilation, the perfume celebrating the 25th anniversary of Amouage. Realising how many people were curious to discover the identity and the role of the mysterious man, Christopher Chong decided to create a sequel of the story in a video for the launch of a new fragrance scheduled for 2010".

NB: Extrait is not affiliated with either Amouage or Finmark, its Italian distributor.


  1. Wow. What an awesome opportunity. I'll definitely write an entry :)

  2. I've done mine! It's a clever idea to get us to write a little story. It combined my love for perfume with my other (older) love for writing fiction!

    Thanks for letting us know about this, E!

  3. Thanks for the heads up! I passed the link onto a handful of my friends and we all wrote little pieces. It was a fun exercise and I think we've all gotten emails about receiving free samples.


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