Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The winners of the draw...

....for the Travalo atomisers are:
Melisand61, AuditDiva, BeautyBitch, Tara, Violetnoir. Congrats!

Please mail me with your shipping address along with the colour of your choice (gold, silver or pink) using the contact email on Profile, so I can forward it to the distributor who will have your prize in the mail soon.

Thanks everyone for playing so nicely and till the next one!


  1. Aw, no dice. Oh well. :P Congrats winners!

  2. Hi E!

    Just wanted to let you know my gold one arrived yesterday (in one piece, I am always so impressed that something can travel in the post from the Northern hemisphere and reach me in one piece!) and, after I finally worked it out, it really it ingenious! It's a neat and tidy alternative to decanting from a bottle into a traditional atomiser, using a funnel etc.

    Brilliant stuff, I've posted about it on my blog, and thanks again E!


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