Thursday, September 17, 2009

Perfume tips from Danny Ventura

Perfume and scented products should be used at the lower end of the body upwards: "The logic is the fact that we lose around 80 per cent of the body heat through our head and the top portion of the body. So one should actually wear a perfume on a lower part of one's body -- even a d├ęcolletage or the armpits are places where you could put the perfume," emphasises Danny, who was actively involved in the making of 'A Scent by Issey Miyake.'
Read the rest on what fragrance expert Danny Ventura has to say on this link.

Corroborates nicely what Diogenes the philosopher did: "After having anointed his feet with perfume, he said that the ointment from his head mounted up to heaven, and that from his feet up to his nose". [source]


  1. Fernando14:13

    Hmm. The lower parts of my body (legs, feet) tend to be covered most of the time...

  2. Spray above socks and on trousers (assuming the juice doesn't stain of course!) ;-)
    (It works with skirts anyhow, as they swirl a bit when moving, they distribute scent well)

  3. Should we know who Danny Ventura is? Fragrance expert? Is that like professeur de parfums?

  4. D,

    LOL, perhaps we should have. I admit I hadn't, but I stand corrected :-)

    On a serious note and unrelated to real persons and events (important disclaimer), it seems like this is a field where anyone can claim anything ~which is rather sad, wont't you agree. But I mustn't let my inner academic overanalyse: The world clearly is going on thanks to other values.

    Nice to "see" you! :-)

  5. Perfumella15:08

    Logic or not, physics dictates that fragrances and odours sink, not rise, so it would seem that both Danny Ventura and Diogenes are talking out of their bottoms (pardon the pun).

  6. P/R,

    thanks for stopping by!
    I guess they're going on the evaporation scheme? I can't seem to find another solution to this.


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