Thursday, September 17, 2009

Parisienne limo sex?

I just got sent the full 60-seconds commercial of Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent with Kate Moss. Did I mention they went a bit overboard with the raunch? Or is limo sex (or the memory of sex fantasized in limos) still popular? I think the pouting on Kate Moss shows that she's taking it far too seriously. In my opinion a good reminiscence of frantic sex should employ a little self-depreciation, some humour, some tears, some laughs...
Check it out on this link.


  1. Well I never knew a rose could do that....oh please. It's like Tom Ford is back at YSL.

  2. I'm all for raunch, but that commercial is just...lame. The clips you chose, however, are terrific ;-)

  3. Yawn...mindnumbing. But I liked the Y commercial. Not too serious, a bit sexy, a bit silly. Fun.

  4. I tried Parisienne a few days ago in the department store to realize that I had already smelled it on the streets. Well, then I had it on my hand and for the rest of the day, I wondered what damn air freshener they're using in the street. Not an interesting scent. And I don't want to be haunted by synthetic rose AND limo sex so I'm not checking the video:D

  5. J,

    not only roses, apparently, but orchids too!!!!
    (in case you haven't seen this, it's about a young hunk waging he can remain ...spotless for 40 days and nights, only he falls in love in the interim)

    I think film makers are putting too much emphasis on how flowers are the genitalia of plants, blah blah blah.... ;-)

    Yeah, it does look like TF is back!!

  6. M,

    it's not exactly the sexiest thing, eh? Somehow a little whorish and no stirring of the imagination.

    I really, really liked that scene in Faithless where Diane Lane is in the train back home from the tryst: great delineation of feelings (so many, so varied) and amazing acting, of course.

  7. M,

    predictable would be my word choice. Yours is one better!

    The Y commercial is quite good, I like the fluidity of motion.

  8. L,

    so do people buy the latest thing just because? Or do people wear the latest thing because they are accustomed to these smells?
    I haven't tried Parisienne yet. I'm now almost scared to: my florist might start seeing me with a different eye! LOL

  9. Helg,
    I watched that movie when I was in high school and somehow completely forgot about the ridiculous orchid scene. Orchids and roses if your in a movie apparently you can achieve many things *wink* in a dirty pervy uncle sort've way.

  10. J,

    that was one hell of a ridiculous scene, wasm't it,, especially given they were young hip thangs in casual clothing: I wouldn't have laughed so hard if it was some soap-opera scenario with the Bold and the Beautiful Fabio-esque heroes. But there? Totally not fitting!
    And yeah, movies accomplish so many amazing things you wouldn't expect with the simplest of things: you can even save the universe with a hair-clip!

  11. My limo drivers tell me this kind of thing goes on all the time in the back of our stretch limousines, l cannot say that have not done it myself or even thought about it


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