Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back from holidays.....

And preparing several surprises for you, including a new Series on an important Material, exotic treasures and corresponding pictures as well as news and reviews of forgotten classics and new releases.
But we will kick off the bat later today with a sneak preview of the upcoming exclusive Lutens fragrance, announced previously on these pages!

In the clip Charles Castronovo sings Nadir's aria from Georges Bizet's "Les Pecheurs des Perles" (The Pearl Fishers), a magnificent opera set in ancient Ceylon, which perfectly captures the sweet nostalgia the passing of these holidays is already producing in me.

"Encore je crois entendre encore caché sous les palmiers
Sa voix tendre et sonore comme un chant de ramiers.
Oh nuit enchanteresse, divin ravissement.
Oh souvenir charmant, folle ivresse, doux rêve!
Aux clartés des étoiles je crois encore la voir entr'ouvrir ses longs voiles aux vents tièdes du soir.
Oh nuit enchanteresse, divin ravissement.
Oh souvenir charmant, folle ivresse, doux rêve!"

"I still believe I hear, hidden beneath the palm trees, your voice tender and deep like the song of a dove.
Oh night enchantress, divine rapture,
delightful thought mad intoxication, sweet dream in the clear starlight
I still believe I see in between the long sails of the warm night breeze.
Oh night enchantress, divine rapture.
Oh charming souvenir, delightful thought, mad intoxication, sweet dream!"


  1. Anonymous16:42

    Welcome back, dear E! Can't wait to read the new series!

  2. Hope you had a nice trip! Looking forward to what you have in store.

  3. Rappleyea23:02

    WOOO HOOOO - Welcome back! I hope your vacation revived body and soul. You were sorely missed!


  4. Rappleyea23:03

    P. S. Forgot to say - LOVE Les Pecheurs des Perles!

  5. I hope you had fun. Welcome back.
    And, yeah, I did miss you:D

  6. You're back- yippeeee! have been missing my perfume updates!

  7. Thank you all for your warm welcome, it's quite touching! :-))


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