Friday, July 17, 2009


'"Breathe responsibly" is the disclaimer ingenious duo Bompas and Parr greet their visitors with upon entering Alcoholic Architecture, their pop-up bar in London's Soho. Here, they revolutionize the intake of alcohol by letting you inhale rather than drink [...]In February this year they created the UK's first scratch-and-sniff cinema bringing to potent life Peter Greenaway's The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover through the powerful aromas of dusty books and rotting meat. That aside, their main obsession is jelly (the English kind not the American), with which they are pushing the wobbly boundaries to explore fluorescence'
An interesting article about the mingling of the senses (what is usually called "synaesthesia" in perfume circles without the medical complications of the condition, nevertheless) can be found on Creativity


  1. stella p17:58

    interesting! :) By the way: I love Greenaway´s synaestesia as disclosed in his films, coupled with manic, more cognitive "disorders"..

  2. S,

    it is, isn't it? Glad you agree! (how are you by the way, any vacation on the horizon?)

    Greenaway has a very peculiar style of filming, agreed and this is what makes him compelling I guess (I am thinking of Belly of an Architect but also the rather inexplicable Baby of Macon, which I couldn't really follow but it made an impression stylistically)

  3. Fascinating collection of endeavors. I found "The Cook, the Thief..." quite overwhelming as a purely visual and auditory experience. Adding smell to the mix might just do me in.

  4. stella p15:40

    (I have been very busy with different job related activities and small trips in June and July, but now some weeks quiet holiday with family, this year in southern Norway - around the coast. Wish you a nice holiday in the pleasant south! :)

  5. M,

    yup, it was quite the "feast" (for eyes, ears and mind, I might add).

    Catch a bit of the Baby of Macon if you find it for rental: it's either truly awful or truly mind-proding; I haven't decided which yet! ;-)

  6. S,

    sounds you had fun! I am hoping to catch some travelling soon and a few work-related little trips in autumn.

    Enjoy your vacation on the coast (sounds nice!) :-)


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