Friday, July 24, 2009

Penhaligon's Amaranthine: new fragrance

Bertrand Duchaufour, head perfumer at L'Artisan, has composed a new Penhaligon's fragrance after his collaboration with the British brand in their Anthology series (a 3-year spanning project that will include 12 fragrances in total).

Amaranthine means "unwithering" (from the Greek αμάραντη) and although the name would point to a flower that never wilts, the reality is a 'corrupted floral oriental' according to the press release, but from the notes listed the new feminine Eau de Parfum sounds more like a gourmand with floral notes with the stress on the milky ambience that surrounds it.
Indeed Amaranthine has top notes of green tea, white freesia, cardamom absolute; heart notes of carnation, rose and Egyptian jasmine absolute; and base notes of vanilla, tonka bean absolute, musk and sandalwood.

There will be a special limited edition flacon of Extrait de Parfum in 30ml/1oz costing £350 (depicted), alongside the standard 50ml/1.7oz and 100ml/3.4oz bottles of Eau de Parfum in the Penhaligon's familiar style. Official launch is set for October.


  1. Those notes could swing a lot of ways. They sound interesting, at least. Penhaligon's fragrances are always love-it-or-hate-it, I find.

  2. Penhaligons seem to be putting quite a lot of energy into launches at the moment with this and the Anthology. I haven't really tried enough of their line (I enjoyed sampling Lily & Spice quite a bit), but I'm certainly excited about Duchaufour working with them. There's also something I enjoy about their regular bottles.

  3. M,

    indeed, you're absolutely right. A floriental, a gourmand with some florals, even a regular oriental if the emphasis is on the base notes. The brand certainly has its core fans and its core detractors. Let's see!

  4. Joe,

    I can't but agree (L&S is nice!) on both accounts. They have the classic "British" look about them, so I hope they focus on a uniform feel within the range with focus on quality and attention to detail (why did they have to drop one of their best, Malmaison, is beyond me!!)

  5. I have never been excited by Penhaligon fragrances, but the notes in this one are certainly interesting. The middle and base notes are fairly standard, but the top notes (green tea, freesia and cardamom) could certainly add a twist. Or, not!

    Then again, the price of the LE flacon is forbidding, isn't it?

  6. M,

    cant' say I am crazy about them either, but it sounds good. Then again it might not be, LOL.
    The price is for the LE extrait de parfum, the regular EDP will come in plain bottles priced as usual. I think they're doing both to catch both markets (collectors and plain perfume-freaks)

  7. So many fragrances, so little time...

  8. interesting, I'm enjoying his work for Penhaligon's and like the Anthology scents. I have to say Penhaligon's is close to my heart so I always will their new scents to be good.

  9. Hi!
    This sounds very interesting!
    Is there any store in Athens that sells Penhaligon?

  10. Hi Sara! (Γειά σου!! Χαίρομαι που κάνεις σχόλιο!)

    I believe this is avialble from Beautyworks and possibly at the stand of Beautyworks at Attica too! (you can email them and ask through the site)

    Hope that helps! :-)


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