Thursday, July 16, 2009

More news on the upcoming L'Artisan Havana Vanille

We had mentioned the new fragrance from L'artisan parfumeur, Havana Vanille, unveiled during the London Sniffa last week the other day, (along with news on the upcoming Bois Torride by Guerlain) but more information is slowly being revealed.
The upcomiong in-house perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour's creation will encompass interesting notes that conspire to create a vanilla out of the ordinary. If L'Artisan's pre-emptying Vanilia is a study in ethylmaltol (the smell of cotton candy) and its girly associations of ice-cream cones at the fair, the latest vanilla will incorporate essences of leather, rhum, tonka bean and helichrysum (immortelle or everlasting flower) along with dried fruits, elements which seem to tilt the creation into the realm of almost a Lutenesque composition! With Havana in the title you would expect something sultry and tobacco-laced. And indeed the concept and notes evoke the atmoshere of Cuba with the tobacco plantations and the rolling of leaves which young women do on their moist thighs (The humidity helps the leaves retain their elasticity). It would be interesting to see the interpretation of something that is essentially a rather "thick" concept translated into the diaphanous treatment of a Duchaufour formula!
The use of a luxurious real vanilla absolute, much like it also stood for luxury in Hermes's Vanille Galante last season, seems to point to a new sensibility that eshews the sacharrine tonalities of vanillin in favour of more complex natural materials. Something tells me we're going to see more of these complex vanilla scents from the higher end of perfume companies soon.
As usual the new L'Artisan fragrance will be presented in both 50ml and 100ml bottles of Eau de Parfum.

Notes for L'Artisan Havana Vanilla:
Top: leather, rhum, clove, dried fruits
Heart: narcissus, immortelle/everlasting flower, tonka bean
Base: Mexican vanilla absolute, smoky woods, musks, balsamic notes

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Pic & Notes translated from the Italian ( by perfumeshrine


  1. There's no part of that that doesn't sound delicious. Can't wait to get a whiff.

  2. Alexandra15:24

    I don`t like vanilla in perfumes, especially Cašmir kind of, but this sounds... leather, clove, dried fruits, balsamic notes... like list of my most favourite notes. Still, vanilla scares me, I hope it`s some vanilla for vanilla haters, dark one like in Montale Boise Vanille.

  3. M,

    I can't but agree! I am wary of juvenile vanillas, but somehow this sounds just right and taking in mind the references, it should be at least interesting!
    Will update soon!

  4. A,

    I am totally with you: Theplastic feel of so many vanillas is sickening and sometimes even if there are good intentions (Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford, I am looking at you!), the end result is too sweet for me somehow.
    Hope you like it!

  5. Anonymous16:29

    Thanks for the scoop, you're the best!!!


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