Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What do you find irresistible?

Liv Tyler looks all fetchy, hot and silly insouciant in the latest Very Irr├ęsistible commercial for parfums Givenchy, shot aboard a motorboat on the river Seine and its ponts in Paris. I can accept the bare back dress (although it does get chilly in the evenings on the Seine), but if you have ever driven a motorboat you know it speeds so fast you need to have your hands on the steering wheel at all times or you might bump into something in such an enclosed space as a city river. Stilettos are also a no-no for any deck involving wood (the owner would sledgehammer you if you dared step a foot on it with anything pointy!), but I realise I must be splitting hairs and it's all in the name of le glamour. At least she has an acceptable accent on the French part of the name!
The jazzy tune was composed especially for the ad by Nicolas Errera.

I think I prefer the original Very Irr├ęsistible 2003 commercial with Liv. It's more playful somehow and suits her to a T...You can watch it clicking here.

Check back later for reviews of the newest Neil Morris Vault fragrances!

Clip originally uploaded by modelstvcm2 on Youtube.


  1. Anonymous16:24

    Hahahaha, you're a funny lady, I laughed out when I opened the video this morning before my morning coffee and boom there you said it all, too funny. Do the Givenchy people think this is believable I wonder, but what do they care, they only care into producing crap fragrances for the masses.

  2. Your right it is very silly, especially with the weird gyrating back shots.

  3. Aline,

    thanks (I guess). They have dumpened down the brand, it's true :-( But they did re-issue Les Mythiques, which is nice of them.

  4. Jen,

    it's all HOOOOOOTTTT! LOL

  5. Looked at it again, poor Liv, for probably more than half the time she was probably hiking the dress up so she didn't have butt cleavage or grabbing at it so it didn't fall off in the front.

  6. You're absolutely right! I didn't think of the implications for her while filming. She doesn't seem like the type who would like to flaunt vulgar poses, does she?
    I like her!

  7. I think Liv is a good sport- that shoot was probably more hairy than all of Lord of the Rings.

    I think she is a good face for VI- and I like that she just works with them and isn't saturated everywhere like some stars/ models.

  8. You're no doubt right, LOL!
    She's a perfect face for Givenchy (I don't specify VI because I don't like it) and indeed it's refreshing not to see her everywhere. A face should evoke a brand, otherwise it's confusing. I think I'm alone in that bit, however. :/


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