Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Histoires de Parfums news

Histoires des Parfums, the brand which we had reviewed lovingly here and included with great pleasure in our Leather Series part 12 (Modern Leathers)~and which Luca Turin apparently also appreciates~ is now being featured at L’Eclaireur in Paris (rue Boissy d'Anglas, 8eme arrondissement), a first for any perfumer brand. They're also been available in Le Printemps.
The brand was founded in 1999 by French gastronomer-turned-perfumer Gérald Ghislain after studying in ISIPCA and was soon succeeding into entering several concept stores (Quartier 206 in UK, 10 Corso Como in Italy, Gum in Russia, Série Noire de Lille at Cap-Ferret, Saint-Tropez and Toulon, France...). Twelve stories around authors of literature or emblematic dates come in bottles of 120ml of Eau de Parfum (15% concentration) for 130 euros each.
The new proposition of Histoires de Parfums is a kit-nomade of three 14ml bottles (about 0.5oz) of the scent one chooses for the all-inclusive price of 87$. Sounds like a nice idea. (They aldeady have one of the best value deals on sampling programmes around)

Also please check the blog of Histoires de Parfums with an interview exposing all you ever wanted to know about Gérald Ghislain and the brand.

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Cosmic Roger
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  1. stella p13:03

    Tried, and had to use to the last drop of my sample, Noir Patchouli, some time ago (thanks to DenyseB's kindness) The patchouli & rose & dusty earth & piquing pepper (needle points on a pillow) was very nice; so pleasant on the skin that I definitely will get a bottle when getting an opportunity!

  2. i've never tried any of these but I have just seen they have a great sample programme so I'm ordering!

  3. S,

    Noir Patchouli is FABULOUS, I love it and what an omission I haven't reviewed it. Must amend! Love the "needle points on a pillow".

  4. K,

    it's highly recommended, there are a few gems there! (love the Ambre as well)

  5. Mike Perez22:11

    I have sampled only the Marquis de Sade (I have samples of others, but haven't gotten around to them) and I loved it! Like a Serge Lutens scent in its richness and opulence.

  6. Mike,

    I LOVE the Marquis de Sade too! (and some others, the Patchouli and Ambre are wonderful and the Colette one is a very unusual kumquat fruity gourmand).
    The only thing that had stopped me was the price, but that looks set to change now :-)


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