Monday, April 13, 2009

Natural Pefumery Course in idyllic Italy

We have often announced olfactory training programmes on Perfume Shrine, but this is truly exceptional. I was sent the news and I share them with you with enthusiasm. Not only you have a chance of smelling real ambergris, natural orris, and tuberose and many other costly materials, but you get to test your own hand and nose in creating accords and fragrances following a simple method.

Bespoke Perfumes, A COURSE IN NATURAL PERFUMERY – May 18 – 20, 2009 or September 14 - 16, 2009 Monte Colombo, Italy, April 10, 2009 - Making perfumes is easy!

Not everyone who chooses to learn about scent will become a professional perfumer but anyone can make good perfumes. AbdesSalaam Attar’s perfume course in Italy is ideal for those who want to discover the little-known world of olfactory psychology as well as for aspiring natural perfumers. You will compose perfumes and learn how scent links to mind, emotion and spirit. The course admits only 10 students – the intimate group size assures that each student gets a high level of personal attention.
The Germano Reale is a small country resort in the hills of the Italian Riviera, in the province of Emilia Romagna. Mario Batali, noted Italo-American chef, thinks that this province offers some of the best food in all of Italy. And Venice, Florence and Pisa are all within 3-4 hours by car.

Day One - Introduction to Bespoke Perfumery
Dedicated to the discovery of scents and their meaning, to the ethics and philosophy of perfumery. In the morning, you will experience the animal scents, their story and meaning, understand pheromones and why they belong to perfumery as well as archetype ingedients. In the afternoon, you will discover the perfumer’s tools and learn how to use them. Every student will make a bespoke perfume for someone else.
Day Two – Professional Perfumery
The day is built upon practical exercises. In the morning, you will discover 14 new essences, learn how to smell, to "listen to the soul," to verbalize and categorize smells. In the afternoon, you will compose three perfumes in the manner of a professional perfumer, working from real requests from the market. Day two teaches the criteria and rules for building successful fragrances ranging from ambient fragrances, paper scenting aromas used in olfactory marketing and, of course, wearable personal perfumes.
Optional Day Three - Studen-driven Perfume Discovery (no extra charge)
The perfumer will make himself available for those who wish to delve more deeply into perfumery, clarify what they have learned so far during the course or discuss their personal projects with him.

COST: Course (Two days and optional third day): Euro 570 / US Dollars 748 (plus VAT for European students)

LODGING AND BREAKFAST: § For course participants traveling alone: You will enjoy a double room plus breakfast for the price of a single room – Euro 55 / US Dollars 72 per night
§ For course participants traveling as a pair: If you come accompanied, the cost of the double room plus breakfast for two persons is Euro 85 / US Dollars 111 per night (US Dollars 55.50 per person)

Buffet lunch each day - Euro 15 / US Dollars 20 per person

Dinner each night at La Grepia restaurant Euro 20 / USD 26 per person
Based on information above, your per person daily costs above and beyond the course fee, for lodging and food, are: Euro 90 / USD 118 if you come alone and Euro 72.50 / USD 95 if you are accompanied.

You may book your stay directly at the Germano Reale or ask us to book for you, once you have subscribed the course. Payment for the first night is required in advance, using Paypal or credit card. The advance is refundable until a week before the date of booking. You may complete your payment upon departure.
As the number of students is limited to ten, please register quickly. Your space will be reserved by advance payment of half the course fee, either by credit card on our bank secure server. You may complete your payment for the course at the end of the formal course on the second day.
Some good links for course information are here and here, but certainly contact us for help finding the information you seek. Just mail us at, or call us either by phone (0039 0541 86 30 13) or by skype (

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  1. Helg, I am going to buy a lottery ticket tomorrow.

  2. Good Idea. What about making a free lottery for perfumeshrine readers? The winner has a free place in the May course-
    AbdesSalaam Attar

  3. Ooh!! I want to go!!

  4. Wow, this sounds fabulous. I am so tempted. Thank you for posting this opportunity -- I agree, truly exceptional.

  5. salaam17:33

    this is just a proposal. I do not know if and how Helg is able to do this. It might be a bit too complicated. We should hear her view about it.
    AbdesSalaam Attar

  6. Ah, beloved.
    This has my name- and my NOSE- all over it...
    This must NOT be my year, alas.

    The Eternal seems to have all sorts of plans for me-
    But this must not be one of them....

  7. Wow, thank you so much for posting about this. I am totally considering it (though there would be nothing left of my tax refund, that's for sure).

  8. Anonymous08:06

    Very good idea!!

  9. I would want to go but first, I'd have to sell someone's kidney:D

  10. Thank you everyone for your enthusiasm.

    Well since Salaam had the kindness to propose it I could do a draw on PerfumeShrine for a gift package of the course (but that wouldn't include airplane tickets and lodging naturally). So if there is interest and you think you can participate (I mean meet the dates and the expense of travelling), it would be my pleasure to organise a lucky draw for the perfumery course free for one reader!!People, mail me if interested and I will do a proper announcement with submissions if enough participants are willing.

  11. ooh i can't do may ... work and study commitments. but if a place comes up for the september course, count me in!


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