Sunday, March 1, 2009

CKin2U HEAT: new duo of fragrances by Calvin Klein

You can't escape the flankers, it seems:
"In March, Calvin Klein will be launching CKIN2U HEAT. The inspiration for this limited-edition duo of fragrances is ‘the sexy atmosphere of a midnight swim (…) far from prying eyes.’ The bottles are graced with a ‘glossy sheath’ that’s pink for the young woman’s perfume (an exotic fruity floral) and blue for the young man’s scent (a fruity-aromatic cocktail). Eau de toilette 3.4 oz., price: 51 euros"

What we could have guessed blindfolded!

Via Osmoz.


  1. Dude. Hell no.

    In England, the habit of some low-minded youth for texting each other constantly with the most foul and illiterate messages is a language of its own, liberally called "fucktard".

    As much as I'm starting to realize how easy it is to criticize the strategies of perfume branding, without being constructive or understanding the difficulties behind it (the recent discussions on Guerlain), this is really just unspeakably vulgar. Dear God, that advert. Why don't they just show them coital and naked? Why pretend at decency?

    There would be something delightfully ironic if the juices were good (oh, my perfume? I use CKIN2U Heat!), but that's not likely, is it?

    Sorry, a little crotchety.

  2. "The sexy atmosphere of a midnight swim ... far from prying eyes"??

    Seems very high-school to me. I'm with Dain on this.

    Although I'm vaguely intrigued (in a "culture-watching" way) that fruitiness has seeped into the men's fragrance.

  3. D,

    not too crochety, no.

    The British have a lot of colourful language for things like that, it's always amusing ;-)

    I don't have qualms about decency (it all depends on what one is selling, of course) but the pose seems contrived and the female body ridiculous in its plasticized glory and lack of head (The Headless Horseman must have been busy, eh?)
    It looks uninspired. The word "heat" equating sex is so...done.

  4. J,

    if it's "far from prying eyes", then why the h3ll are we privy to it through the ads??
    But I agree. There's a perverse enjoyment in seeing what comes next: fruits in masculine juice, obviously. O la la!


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