Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Personally Engraved Bottles of Parfum by Ormonde Jayne for Valentine's Day

In good time for Valentine’s Day, Ormonde Jayne will engrave your beloved's initials onto the gold and glass stopper of their iconic Pure Parfum bottle and have it delivered to your Valentine's door in a beautiful shagreen box. (Please note: The service takes five working days to complete).
One of the many suggestions is Osmanthus Absolute, a beautifully composed uplifting perfume with golden citrus notes…intense yet uncomplicated , with notes of pomello, pimento, vetiver and water lily. According to Snifapalooza Magazine: “Ormonde Jayne’s Osmanthus exudes pure and simple passion and awakens the senses. Pulsating with great honesty and beauty, Osmanthus doesn’t compete with you but adds to your natural panache”.

Price 50mls Pure Parfum Engraved Bottle (30% Pure Parfum) £130

Available from The Royal Arcade, Old Bond Street and the online boutique.


  1. Ah, can't afford it, but it WOULD be lovely !
    Tolu for me, please !

  2. Can't either right now, LOL
    Tolu would be my first choice as well!!


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