Monday, September 15, 2008

Cinquieme Sens NYC Perfume Workshop

Cinquième Sens is a company founded in Paris in 1976 taking its name from the Fifth Sense, our sense of smell. They are now offering training programmes and workshops for the appreciation of fragrance for professionals as well as fragrance lovers.
First training will be on Sept 23rd (Tuesday) /24th (Wednesday) at the Cinquième Sens Madison Avenue office, in New York City.

This introductory programme to perfumery techniques and the language of scents includes:
1)Stages of development of a perfume (raw materials vendors and perfumers, brands' marketing to packaging, legal matters concerning supplying)
2)Understanding the sense of smell (physiology, emotional responses, odour memorising principles & techniques, different types of raw materials and their classification, extraction procedures, pyramidal composition, different concentrations)
3)Language for describing scents (olfactory study, how to formulate an accord, perfume classification, study of leading perfumes)

To book your place or ask about prices and availability, please contact Laëtitia Longuefosse, Director USA at +1 646 251 5221

Photo of Olfactorium anniversary of 20 years celebration (5 June '08) via Aurélie Dematons of Cinquieme Sens. Not to be reprinted without permission.


  1. I love that there is an opportunity like this here in the United States...though I am of course feeling the pain of the great distances between the bulk of those states and NYC. I would love to hear about this from somebody who is able to attend.

    Maybe a traveling class will come to the geographic midsection at some point???

  2. It is indeed a very good opportunity, S.
    Let me gently point your suggestion out to Cinquieme Sens


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