Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Posh Peasant News and Offers

The Posh Peasant , a newcomer in the decanting and online niche selling services, has new things for summer and special sets for your sampling pleasure.

Creative Universe by Beth Terry is a warm weather staple. The Collection consists of five effarvescent fragrances:
Mare: A natural ocean experience with notes of sea salt, sand, ocean breezes, avocado and ginger lily.
Vita: A zesty fruit tea scent with notes of rare teas, plum, blackcurrant, lily of the valley, and citrus.
Te: The ultimate tea scent with a splash of milk and citrus kick, notes of tea, celery, grapefruit, ylang ylang.
Element of Surprise: A clean, fresh scent with notes of white tea, Italian lemon and lime, and jasmine.
Element of Desire: A flirty scent with notes of rain drenched greens, citrus, dimbula tea, apricot, peony blossom, water jasmine, pink muguet, white sandalwood, golden amber.
Creative Universe is on the brink of launching a brand new perfume called Element of Attraction, soon available, so stay tuned.

Don't dismiss Filles des Iles with their four scents: Floral Exotique, Floral Pettilant, Floral Sensuel and Floral Solaire. They recently added the latter to their line-up. Floral Solaire, created by famed perfumer Celine Ellena, is surprisingly charming; it's an intoxicating dichotomy of cool ocean breezes enveloped in a warm blanket of amber.
Available at The Posh Peasant for $48 per bottle.

Other niche lines available while you're there: Aroma M, Keiko Mecheri, Teo Cabanel, Sage Machado, becker.eshaya, Soivohle', Monyette Paris and Lily Lambert.

Aslo an early summer offer, good through 20th June. With 50$ purchase, you receive three decants for free: Estee Lauder newest fragrance Sensuous ("a sleek, sensuous river of wood..."), Bronze Goddess ("warm sand and sun-kissed skin...") and Filles des Iles Floral Solaire.

And lastly, a couple of Sampler Sets of her current rotation at reasonable prices: Best for Summer, Luminous Scents and Smoldering Scents. Click the links to find out more!

Pic via The Posh Peasant

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