Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Frederic Malle fragrance!

Because we like to keep abreast of things and congratulate a smart girl when she gets a great scoop, please visit The Non-Blonde for the news on a new Frederic Malle scent, Dans tes Bras (in your arms) by nose Maurice Roucel (of Musc Ravageur fame). Exciting!!!


  1. A new Malle is definitely very exciting! While the new L'Artisan, someone on the BN said it to be similar to Union Square, which is not that interesting, so I don't know...

  2. L,

    assuredly so! It's supposed to be subtler than Musc Ravageur and if Roucel is to be counted on using his signature, it will feature that radiant magnolia accord he likes so much.
    I've heard good things about the new L'artisan, but of course I am holding judgement till I have smelled it myself.

  3. I think I should test more Roucels, he has indeed made some magnificent perfumes! Btw, in case you are wondering, I haven't heard anything from Chanel yet, maybe I should send an email again and ask.

  4. Please do! On both issues ;-)


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