Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

For all the mothers in the world, a very, very happy celebration of the most unconditional love of them all. Not just for today, but for every step of the way through the long years of this wonderful relationship.

Happy Mother's Day to all!

Art photography by Spyros Panayiotopoulos, courtesy of


  1. Anonymous19:51

    Helg, i ADORE that pic!
    Happy mothers day to all the mums here...

  2. What a magnificent photo !

    I'm certain that your mother is proud of you, still-
    And she is with you, as well...

    Happy Day, dear E.
    [I'd gladly be your mama, any day]

    You, too, Lillie -

  3. Thanks N!
    I love the pic myself as well :))

  4. Isn't it, dear I?

    Your words are so touching...
    Your boys have the sweetest mama, truly. Happy Mum Day :-)

  5. What a gorgeous photo.

  6. Everyone seems to be mailing me or commenting with compliments on the photo.
    Thank you PH and welcome to the Shrine (I have borrowed one of your beautiful pics before, belated thanks "in person")


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