Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What's Brewing Now?

It's always great to find that a house one admires releases something new and exciting. I got the info on this through Perfumista.org who attended the NYC Snifapalooza. The new Eau de Liane , another Bertrand Duchaufour composition for L'Artisan Parfumeur, forms part of the "Fragrance captured by a perfumer on his travels" line, inaugaurated with Bois Farine and followed by the unusual and wonderful Timbuktu.
The new scent was influenced by travels in Panama and is launching in October 2008. Of course Liane is a river in Pas-de-Calais in France and not Panama, but I am assuming they're after another thing: possibly the plant! We'll find out in due time I gather.
The description sounds enticing enough, what with the watery kelp-ish notes along with the deep green and the fruit and perhaps we're in for a ground-breaker (always in need of one of those!)

On a completely different note, it seems that perfume brands are not the only ones endlessly repeating themselves and recycling the same ideas. Cosi fan tutte... It happens to make-up lines as well, as attested by this piece of sleuthing by The Non Blonde. The time span of recycling is dropping as well. Well, with so many releases on the market, I wonder how they could possibly re-invent the wheel every time!
It's also infuriating to hear that one can buy the whole but not the individual items of a promotional set at Bobbi Brown! Thankfully there are a couple of cosmetic sets that prove good value for money. But they don't come by every day nor does the offer last for long!

Lastly, there are new fragrances already out, fresh like buns from the oven. Union Square by Bond no.9 in the Andy Warhol series which started with Silver Factory ; and The Beat by Burberry. Since I have no idea what they smell like yet, I refer you to Karin's reviews on both.
And for our French-reading audience, Poivre Bleu is focusing on patchouli scents, with Borneo 1834and Reminiscence Patchouli at the forefront.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. That was me deleting my comment, because I saw some part of it answered already by you and I want to rephrase the comment.

    So, are there more specific notes list leaking out? A new one in the travel series sounds very interesting. Thanks for the info!

  3. Anonymous10:41

    I think this is just my opinion, but I am tired of the "perfumes inspired by perfumer's travels" scents. There's L'Artisan, Serge Lutens, Creed's Love in White, the Jardin series of Hermes...

  4. We'll have to wait for Risa to chime in, dear L! I hope they issue the list soon, so we get a "feeling" of the new L'artisan.

  5. You know, IT, the way you put it, you have a point! LOL
    Of course the Lutens canon is a whole "travelogue" by itself. But it does seem that many have cottoned up to the fact that exotic destinations make good advertorial copy ;-)

  6. The new harvest should be coming out towards the end of the year too, I'm wondering what note it will be this time.

    The "travel" line of Hermes... they don't even differ much.

  7. We were in Panama over Christmas, so this is interesting to me. I'm not sure I could identify a scent linked to the area.

  8. We'll see, L. I think the Hermes are mone homogenuous in that they are atcually evoking specific gardens, not just travelling in general (which allows for much more leeway ~at least I can think of hundreds of things!).

  9. Karin, that's fascinating to know: so, it will be more imaginative than inspired by something concrete. Thanks!!

  10. Anonymous14:32

    I got to sniff this on Sunday with Monsieur Duquesne and it indeed is watery , but NOT THE DREADED WATERY ACCORD...I found this just wonderful , green as in the Amazon Jungle....lush and fruity yet light handed . Worth a sniff perfumistas !

  11. Carol,

    thank you for chiming in and confirming the impressions of Risa. It does sound very interesting and "green as in the Amazon jungle" sounds fab!

  12. Hey there Helg! Thank you for spreading the beautiful news :D the name is indeed meant to evoke the liane vine, not the river. I'm still waiting for L'Artisan to get back to me on notes, as I'm already in love with this fragrance. I've never smelled something this deep green without a significant grapefruit accord to lighten it; I like it better because of it.

  13. Thank YOU Risa for the heads up: when I saw your post, I knew I had to link it! Your impressions lured me into wanting to try this out badly!
    And you're no re-confirming this desire. Till autumn....*sigh*

  14. Anonymous23:14

    Oh, what a sad cat. I love cats. :)

  15. I love them too :-)
    I think he/she is contemplating.


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