Monday, February 25, 2008

Winner announcement!

Ooops, I forgot! I have to announce the winner for the Quiz from last week.

The winner is DONANICOLA who nailed it with her first guess. Congrats! Send me your data, please, so I can mail a decant of the vintage I have on hand to try it out.
The fragrance in question was indeed Parure: from the venerable house of Guerlain, reformulated sometime during the last few years and then very recently discontinued altogether. It is also the signature scent of Kim Catrall and belongs to a family I enjoy: chypres.

Thanks for participating and for the wonderfully clever guesses.
Stay tuned for the next one! ;-)


  1. Anonymous14:54

    Oh wow I am so happy! Thanks E! Goodness, once I'd read all the other guesses I convinced myself it was Interdit. She's interesting that Kim Catrall and has now gone up further in my estimation for her choice of scent. Thanks again - I'll email you.

  2. I am so happy I rendered you happy! :))
    Well, L'interdit was reformulated but not discontinued: it is widely available now in Les Mythiques in the older formula.

    Got your mail and will be replying shortly.


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