Monday, December 24, 2007

Vote, vote, vote!!!

Here at Perfume Shrine we value the opinion of the reader. Therefore instead of recapitulating the past year in scent in my own terms, I opted for the reader's perspective.
So, may I gently nudge you to see the POLL at the right hand column and VOTE!. I picked some of the most talked about scents of 2007, which in my humble opinion do fulfill a minimum of quality and vision, and I urge you to vote for your favourite from the list. I opted for 10 things that are mixed: men's, women's, mainstream, niche but not too obscure. They do not reflect specific personal choices, you have read about those this past year.

You have exactly one week to vote, as the poll ends on 31st December, along with the last whiffs of this year...
If you want to elaborate on your choice and the reasons, you are welcome to do so here, at this post.

May 2008 bring even more interesting fragrances!


  1. Anonymous12:56

    dear e. :)
    first of all: merry christmas!!!
    now on to the picked really good ones, i´ve no idea which one i should choose - only one choice is allowed, right?
    at least i don´t know three of them:
    - silver factory ( ordered already a sample & am very curious about that one as i´m normally no fan of bond no. 9 frags, but this one seems to be different).
    - dior fahrenheit 32
    - calvin klein man
    i didn´t like kelly cal├Ęche & gucci by gucci isn´t among my favouites as well (but i only sampled it once, so i can´t really judge about it).
    but there are three that i love. *teasing you* i won´t tell you which ones LOL
    hmmm... it´s good to have a bit more time :)

  2. Thanks dear C, merry Christmas to you.

    Thanks for saying I picked good ones. I had some trouble when doing the picking: if I went super exclusive it would be pretentious, if I went completely mainstream I'd leave some good ones out. I had to include a couple of men's...that sort of thing.

    Silver Factory is a very good one, I had reviewed it in summer; I was the first one, I think!
    Here is the review.
    I had also reviewed Fahrenheit 32 a while back (click here for review).

    CK Man I haven't, though, so no help there. It's been talked on Basenotes though.
    Kelly Caleche was great in my opinion for an elegant floral, but not for a leather scent, as advertised; hence the disappointment of some people IMO.

    LOL on the three! I have a pretty good idea! (well, obviously)
    Take your time, the poll ends on the 31st and then I will do a special post on commentary on the results.

  3. 31 rue Cambon seems to be leading for the moment: of the choice you provided, it's definitely my favorite, though the price tag means I've yet to acquire it in the full bottle. I would've added Miller Harris L'Air de Rien, very different in vibe, which literally fascinates me and seems to have lots of us hooked like a drug. The Guerlain vanilla is lovely, but I couldn't convince myself to acquire a "simple" vanilla -- though it's the best on the market.

  4. Dear D,
    I see that and it surprised me! Of course right at this very minute another is leading and that doesn't surprise me at all ;-)

    I finally opted not to include L'air de Rien for two reasons (not personal preference, as you well know):
    1)it officially got released in 2006 (the Vogue uk article has a date of Sep.06), although it became popular in 2007
    2)it's quirky and exclusive enough not to have many try it out.

    The second reason is why I left out Sarrasins as well and decided to only include Louve.

    Yeah, simple vanillas are not my thing, either; but this one is good, despite the name which might allude to an ice-cream sundae.


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