Friday, December 21, 2007

The gift of endless dreams

Perfume Shrine loves to read. Loves to read all sorts of books. Especially those that have an inward afinity with what is not mentioned in everyday life.
And when on a cold, cold night, there is a classic which is being re-read that mentions scent in poetic terms, there goes a little inward smile. Especially so when the language upon which it is written is not the author's own.

Here it is from Joseph Conrad's Lord Jim:
"The hospital stood on a hill, and a gentle breeze entering through the windows, always flung wider open, brought into the bare room the softness of the sky, the languor of the earth, the betwitching breath of Eastern waters. There were perfumes in it, suggestions of infinite repose, the gift of endless dreams".

Following posts will hold tantalising surprises for our readers and the continuation of the Leather Series. None of the run-of-the-mill holiday posts for us.
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