Monday, November 26, 2007

Pontevecchio men's by Nobile 1942: fragrance review

Lured in by Pontevecchio W, the corresponding fragrance for women, which received a glowing review at Perfume Shrine some days ago {click for review}, there I was testing the masculine companion also laced with iris to see where it would get me... I am glad to report that it did get me places and it was very worth it.

Pontevecchio for men is a fresh masculine fragrance that exudes classic qualities and quiet, indefinable strength. It is not terribly innovative and this might be considered a fault by some; however it sheds good taste on its wearer and somehow you can't knock that. Classicism is sometimes much needed of.

According to the official promo by Nobile 1942:
With PONTEVECCHIO, we have created a scent for a demanding, modern man, able to maintain a fluid continuity with tradition and traditional values. We have embodied the traits of a man of strong, dynamic character, yet non-aggressive and always in balance; a man that seduces with a confident, magnetic allure, surprises with moments of tenderness and vulnerability, with a genuine vitality that never compromises his inner strength, which comes through in every decision, including his choice of fragrance.

The overture begins on a flight of bergamot and sweet mandarin which add their sparkling, juicy qualities to the proceedings. Those two essences used come from southern Italy (Sicily and Calabria) and the essential oils are obtained by natural expression. They do smell succulent and real, as if you have just juiced them up yourself in your kitchen on a bright sunny day in June, for making some traditional spoon-sweet using their rinds.
Coupled with the woody, parts oily, parts powdery heart of notes of iris and the rather more masculine spicy rosiness of geranium, the fragrance entinces you to lean closer to get a whiff of this traditional man you can depend on for quite fortitude. The mysterious whisper of somalian incense, the earthiness of vetiver and patchouli envelop you in a cloud of slight smokiness and damp soil that leaves you with a hankering for walks hand in hand across a riverside. In fact the reassuring yet somber arpeggio of vetiver is most pronounced, accompanied by a sotto voce of austere cedar and rosewood.

The company divulged to me that those essences are obtained by steam distillation, a process that retains their graceful qualities, giving stability. Supreme care into the handling of ingredients, with a high ratio of naturals, is of real essence to Massimo and Stefania Nobile. And it shows.
The drydown is the reflection of someone dashing yet dependable, caring and one you can lean on: in short, aren't we all secretly after that?

Pontevecchio for men is available in Colonia Maxima concentration, which is averagely tenacious.

Official notes:
Head: Bergamot, Mandarine, Incense
Heart: Pink Jasmine , Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Orris
Base: Musk, Patchouly, Sandal, Vetiver

Aiming to maintain their artisanal character and to ensure an exclusive distribution, Nobile 1942 scents are available only in the following shops ~and nowhere in the United States so far:

TAD (in Rome and Milan)
La Rose Noire (in Paris)
Quartier 206 Dept. Store (in Berlin)
Herboristes (in Athens)
L Group in Kazakhstan
and online from First in Fragrance/ Aus liebe zum duft where one can order samples.

The duo Vespriesperidati for men and for women by Nobile 1942 has been wonderfuly covered by Cognoscented.

The sexy scent review I promised you is coming up soon!

Pic of Cary Grant from silverscreen legends


  1. Anonymous18:25

    I just tried it and I like it. Seemed like there was lavender in there. Is this appropiate for a woman? What do you think?

  2. It certainly gives an old-fashioned, elegant vibe which we often associate with lavender. Of course it should be great on a woman, if she's assured of herself and not feeling self-conscious! (I regularly wear Equipage for instance myself). Just don't pair it with men's style clothes and it should be smashing!

  3. Hey there - a lovely review and one that has definitely piqued my interest. More and more I am drawn to a bit of austerity and reserve - Derby & Or Black, and if I had more, SlV, which on me is very dry indeed though fleeting. I've still never smelled Equipage and I keep meaning to. Is there a difference between different vintages?

    Also, and I hate to be a stickler, but Nobile 1942 is also stocked in the Haute Parfumerie in Harrods, or at least it was when I went for the past two summers. But perhaps it has gone now?

  4. Martinus,

    thank you! :-)

    Haven't checked with Harrods, they still may stock them. Worth considering for those reading (a phone call or email away)
    I surmiss SlV is Sous le Vent? Lovely choice, if so!

    I think the older Equipage is more "masculine" smelling, more intense, though the newer isn't half bad either. Mine is the brown top in the textured pattern box and smells exquisite after all these years (it keeps well).


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