Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fragrant News: Christian Dior La Collection Particuliere

According to latest news on Russian site Moon-fish, Christian Dior House celebrates its 60 years anniversary and to commemorate the event will release La Collection Particulière, a new exclusive line of feminine scents, named Passage No.4, No.8 and No.9, proposed by John Galliano. The three perfumes in the new collection are dedicated to three of Dior's favourite models - France, Lucky and Victoire.

The actual scents were inspired by three flowers - rose, iris and tuberose. The bottles will be crystal amphoras like those used for the first Dior scents, in the bandeau tricolore: the three colours of the French flag ~red, white and blue. They come in a 75ml/2.5oz spray.
The perfumer behind them, Francois Demachy, describes the scents as "jewelled flowers".

Official notes:
Rose (France) - fiery rose with orange, pepper, amber and musk.
Iris (Lucky) - violet with iris, plus musk notes from ambrette seeds.
Tuberose (Victoire) - tuberose with jasmine, soft patchouli and vanilla.
According to other sources (ie.Octavian Coifan) three supermodels inspired the type of woman represented by each of them: Stella Tennant for Rose, Kate Moss for Iris and Gisele Budchen for Tuberose.

La Collection Particulière will debut in 30 Dior boutiques around the world starting Nov.19th

EDIT to add official Dior descriptions:

Passage No 4 (Rose): "A sovereign rose, a fiery pimento, a journey, a garden."

Passage No 8 (Iris): "A velvet violet, a sophisticated iris, a dream, a burst of laughter."

Passage No 9 (Tuberose): "A dazzling tuberose, creamy woods, late nights, fireworks."

Also Octavian Coifan has been the very first to smell those and has great things to say too. Please go to this link to read his reviews:
Reviews of scents in La Collection Particulière by Dior, by Octavian Coifan (1000fragrances).

Perfume Shrine will focus in depth on the Dior chypres shortly. Stay tuned!!

Pic from parfumdepub


  1. These sound potentially marvellous.

    I hope that these are not going to be just a big ploy and tease, at great expense...
    That would be a pity.

    Pretty girls don't sell me perfume, alas.
    PERFUME does...!

  2. Well, I'm with Chaya--Kate Moss won't make me want that iris scent, unless it's as good as the notes indicate. I'm eager to check it out.

  3. Dear I,
    I hope for all our sakes (Dior's too!) that they are not another attempt at exclusivity at all costs!

  4. M, dear, yes; a pretty face of anyone wouldn't make me buy it, but if it's good juice...Let's cross our fingers.

  5. In fact it is said that those 3 models inspired the type of woman represented by each of them. I don't think there will be some ads because they are ment for Dior Boutiques... like Chanel did with their Exclusive line.

  6. helg, a personal request: can you do a post someday on perfumes with ambrette seed? It's a note that serves as my musk-replacement, and I'd love to read your impressions of scents with this note!

    (I love that Dior ad)

  7. Dear Octavian,

    thanks for stopping by and for the correction. I will edit the post to make it clear that it is so.

    It would be a pity not to run ads about them, but then you do have a point!

  8. Dear Mary,

    your wish is my command. :-)
    It's a great idea in fact!

    I love that ad too. Glamorous, isn't it?

  9. Anonymous17:25

    Helg, i am curios and like the idea itself though i don't think i will have accces. But i am even more curious on your Dior-chypres- series! Love that shoe-ad, too!

  10. I think they will be extra exclusive on purpose, like the Chanel Exclusifs, N.
    The Dior line that included Eau Noire etc. was more unisex, so there has to be a feminine counterpart, I guess.

    I hope you will enjoy the Dior chypres series when I post it.

    Best! :-)


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