Friday, July 27, 2007

Fragrant news: Marc Jacobs community online for his new scent Daisy- win gifts!

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Marc Jacobs is launching his new fragrance, Daisy, next month. To accompany the launch of the new scent, there is a fabulous, exclusive online community on Daisy Marc Jacobs. At this point the site is invitation only, allowing perfume, beauty, and fashion fans to be the first to experience the new site and to be at the forefront of the network.
The new scent is touted to be
"a sparkling floral scent - fresh and feminine, with a touch of whimsy. A modern vintage that embodies effortless charm."
It is featuring top notes of wild strawberry, violet leaves and ruby red grapefruit, while it has a heart of gardenia, violet and jasmine petals on a base of vanilla and musk. (Sounds pretty!)
Daisy will come in an eau de toilette concentration at 1.7oz/50ml at 55$ and 3.4oz/100ml at 70$, as well as a shower gel (30$), a body lotion (32$) and a rich body butter (35$).

And now the good news! If you contact mentioning you came through Perfume Shrine, you can be one of the lucky ones to receive a personal code that upon logging on to Daisy Marc Jacobs site will take you to the fabulous new community where you can win a Marc Jacobs handbag, promotional material and play around getting to know the new scent.
So don't miss your chance.

Pic comes from Bloomingdales.

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