Friday, September 28, 2007

We have a winner!!

Like I had announced on the Perfume Quizz ~before the crash down that cost me so much time in restoring things~ there was to be the recipient of a bottle of italian perfume by a niche brand as a prize.
The winner is Lea, who contacted me by email in the meantime, hitting the right spot by guessing none other than The Body Shop White Musk.
Yup! That was the one! Softly sensual, ever so lightly floral, reformulated at some point, non expensive, widely popular and related to the late Dama Annita Roddick (rest in peace)...
And the prize is musky too. Congratulations Lea!

Thanks for the participationg and stay tuned for more contests on Perfume Shrine. Many things have haunted by cupboards that seek people to love them.

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