Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Announcement: Parfums d'Armando Martinez widely available now

PerfumeShrine has always strived to veer off the beaten track and find first the wonders of tomorrow or the long-forgotten treasures of yesterday.
In the former category, parfums d'Armando Martinez, an artisanal perfumer from Nevada, US who works with reverence and admiration for the classics and nouveau art-niche, have been proven to be the object of admiration here on two occassions.
First his lovely fluffy makeup smell of Maquillage (reviewed in detail here ~ please note that since the review took place the lasting power has been revamped and boosted) and then his exquisite, masterful floral aldehyde named Pillow of Flowers (reviewed in detail here).
In the meantime he went on to create Satyr, a unique fruity animalic chypre.
His newest wonderful scent, Benefactor will be reviewed on this page shortly. Stay tuned!

It is with great pleasure that I announce today that Parfums d'Armando Martinez are now available for sampling and purchase at the First in Fragrance/ Aus Liebe zum Duft site.
Click here to go to the page directly.

They retail for 69 euros for 50ml of Eau de Parfum and samples are available for 3 euros each according to the policy of the site.

Pic comes from the FIF/Aus liebe zum duft site.

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