Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New perfumes by Francis Kurkdjian : the Indult line

A new ultra luxe niche is being explored by young prolific perfumeur Francis Kurkdjian, famous for his Le Male for Galutier, Narciso For her and Rose Barbare for boutique Guerlain. Indult is an old french word from 1498 signifying the privileges given by the french King or the Pope to esteemed individuals. With the desire to launch something that has comparable exclusivity rights as those bestowed upon by a king, Indulte is comprised by 3 scents that are issued in only 999 bottles each. The ingredients are rare and precious, largely dependant on natural essences, which seemingly is the way to go for trully luxurious fragrances.
No sampling programme is scheduled, to retain exclusivity.

The 3 fragrances will be:
Isvaraya (‘divine’ in hindi): a fruity chypre with jasmin sambac, indian prunes and patchouli
Tihota (‘sugar’ in polynesian): an exotic concoction of fresh vanilla pods and various muscs.
Manakara (deriving from a region in Madagascar famous for its litchis): a fruity rose blend of turkish and bulgarian rose married to succulent litchi

The bottle is an architectural rectangle with a black rounded cap, much like the classic Chanels and it will be encased in a pallisander wood box designed by Etienne de Suza.
The three perfumes come in Eau de parfum concentration in 50ml/1.7oz bottles at 160 euros each. They will be exclusively sold at french Sephora stores (call +33(0)8 92 707070 to find the store nearest you) and Indult site
Please note that for now only the french version works (click on "Entrer" on the left)You may contact +33(0)1 58 18 38 67 to become a member or click on the Membre button to enter your data. A personalised card will be made and then you can order what you want. You can also email them at: contact@indult.fr

Pic of black caviar courtesy of Fauchon. Pic of bottles from osmoz.fr

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