Monday, January 18, 2016

Chandler Burr's Untitled Series Back at Full Swing

The Untitled Series
A specific fragrance, chosen by author and critic Chandler Burr and presented anonymously, allowing you an uninfluenced opportunity to smell, guess, and discuss, before the name is ultimately revealed.
The ongoing saga is documented on Luckyscent where you can purchase decants in unlabelled vials from.

For S02E08 Burr writes:
"There is a damp cold that England seems to specialize in, but this cold doesn’t lower the level of scent, and the air was filled with brackish water, wet green grass, damp cement, a few traces of car exhaust and ozone. The wind shifted, and I smelled her perfume...Suddenly there was a completely different green: a spring-twig green, filled with sunlight and mixed with freshly cut grass. A handful of fructose was tossed into the scent along with a few peonies. Then pieces of cool pink fruit. I felt exhilarated. During that moment—maybe five or six seconds—the Newcastle clouds were gone.
I asked her what it was. It’s in these bottles. I imagine most of you will be as surprised as I was to hear her answer."

Reveal date is set for 16/2. Good luck in the guessing game!


  1. Its sounds nice but I wonder what it really smells like.... if they had free post to my shores I would buy a sample . LOL

    1. It kinda makes me think of things like Oxymusk by a A Lab on Fire or Ego Facto's Jamais le Dimanche. I could be wrong, the fruit note throws me off. (And he seems to be implying the bottles are unusual or striking.)
      Pity they don't ship to Oz!

  2. I also wanted to add that it could also be Dove Grey by Regime des Fleurs.

    Of course I'm transposing all the ambient smells into the actual scent and the perfume might be only about the pink fruits (lychee) and peonies. Blooming Bouquet or something!! (which is rather good actually!)

  3. Miss Heliotrope00:42

    Sounds interesting, but the punnishment for being Australian...

    As an aside, I often find - insert a word I am not quite sure which here, sort of curious, puzzled, amused, but not being rude about it - American attitudes to England a bit more romantic than the approaches some others have...


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