Thursday, January 21, 2016

An Interesting Statistic: Most In Demand Niche Fragrance Launches for 2015

This comes from one retailer of niche fragrances (it might be different on another) and it also reflects only the brands they carry but the interest that people showed for these launches in the previous year might be of interest to the careful collector of market trivia, the luxury market observer and the antagonizing companies vying for attention.

So without further ado this is what most people bought samples/bottles of from Luckyscent during the past year:

4160 Tuesdays - Maxed Out
A Lab on Fire - Mon musc a moi
Andree Putman - L'Original
DS & Durga - Debaser
Eau d'Italie - Morn to Dusk
Naomi Goodsir - Iris Cendre
Parfum d'Empire - Tabac Tabou
Papillon Artisan Perfumes - Salome
Penhaligons - Ostara
Shay & Blue - Framboise Noire
Slumberhouse - Kiste
Stephane Humbert Lucas - Mortal Skin
Tauerville - Rose Flash
The Beautiful Mind Series - Precision and Grace

A bit like with hot trends in fashion trickling down to mass market brands in a year or two, they're work checking out to see where the interest of the perfumephile lays.

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  1. I actually just ordered that Luckyscent sample pack! I have tried a couple of the scents on it already (Ostara and Kiste) but there were so many others that I had either wanted to sample or had not heard about but that looked interesting. And it is an exceptionally interesting lot of scents I think, not a lot of generic stuff in there! I'm looking forward to trying Salome, Tabac Tabou and Mortal Skin especially.

    1. Do chime in when you test everything!

  2. Mimi G18:13

    I bought Mortal Skin , Elena is beautiful ,good quality and lasts a long time even on my scent eating skin. But I got mine from Osswald lol

    1. Mortal Skin has your seal of approval. Need to try this! Thanks!!

  3. I am very curious about Salome, so I am going to order it next time I can afford a new bottle.

    1. Salome has an enticing name, doesn't it?

  4. I am interested in Salome too.

    1. That makes three of us (at least)!

  5. All of them sound wonderful! Thank you! Jean

  6. A Lab On Fire is beautiful. Reminded me of People Of The Labyrinth. A strange chemical wet cherry with slight tobacco hints.


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