Saturday, July 25, 2015

Bang Bang

The heat made me pick Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle Carnal Flower today, a sexy ‪fragrance‬ built on the greener, fresher side of the lush tuberose blossoms. A favorite with American women, it won my heart when I first tested it many summers ago one fateful hot afternoon; it spoke of the eternal west and riding into the sunset cutting my losses.

What perfume are you wearing today?


  1. i love "carnal flower" on very hot days...there is something about the green-ness of it that seems welcome then. white linen dress, emerald necklace, and carnal flower...

  2. None yet. Think I'll go with Bas de Soie, cool metallic Iris! Have a lovely weekend Elena!

  3. mimi Gardenia23:04

    Me too Carnal Flower !!!!

  4. Anonymous02:28

    Carnal Flower--A fantastic summer fragrance--a beautiful, rich, white flower with touches of green. A wonderful sister fragrance is EL tuberose gardenia, also shimmering in the heat of summer!

  5. It was cool here in Sydney so I wore original Salvador Dali. It was a perfect scent for the evening and two separate people asked what it was. That so rarely happens that I got a little shiver of excitement.
    Portia xx

    1. Kyriaki14:29

      Exciting to receive two comments on the scent! I've never tried Dali.

  6. Kyriaki14:34

    We get only a handful of 90 degree days here, so I'm considering two from my hot weather collection: Ylang Ylang (rhymes with Bang Bang) by Lorenzo Villoresi, or EL Azuree Soleil.

  7. Love Carnal Flower but today I'm wearing Rose Privee; beautiful for just a fleeting moment.

  8. Miss Heliotrope08:07

    Love Carnal Flower.
    Today: Green Witch

  9. Everyone's choice is so lovely!

    Portia, you have me curious to retry Dali original. I don't even recall how it smelled at all. Thanks!!


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