Monday, March 16, 2015

The Portal

'The Modernist Austrian architect Adolf Loos is famous for his 1908 contention that "ornament is crime." I love Peter Schjeldahl’s response to this. "Ornament is not crime, OK? Crime is crime." But spray on E07 and you’ll experience how a single work can make you understand Loos’ point of view. E07’s scent artist is, moreover, categorical about agreeing with the architect’s strong, clear aesthetic vision. Loos talked about a 'passion for smooth and precious surfaces', and E07 has one of the smoothest and most precious surfaces of any work of olfactory art ever created.." '

~ Chandler Burr

David Harber "The Portal", 'a dramatic (and substantial) garden sculpture' as per Shioban Casey, 'comprising an amalgam of oxidised steel and mirror polished stainless steel. These two metals have been interwoven creating random organic petals, designed to mimic and reflect the patterns found in nature itself'.

Thus concludes the presentation of the S02E07 "unlabeled" fragrance in Burr's  Untitled Series project.
I usually withhold predictions, yet this time I will make an exception: it must be Eau parfumée au thé vert by famed jewelers Bvlgari and perfumer Jean Claude Ellena.


  1. That was my guess, too!

  2. Makes sense, doesn't it?

  3. Miss Heliotrope01:52

    Not sure about the scent, but comparing perfectly harmless things - even pleasure-giving ones - to crime is a crime, as well as making real crime seem somehow less significant, bc afterall it's being compared to perfume.


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