Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring Clean: Two in One

I have been lagging a bit due to prior engagements, so apologies frequent readers of this blog. However I have composed a few articles of pertinent nature, which might come useful for those of you in search of new spring fragrances, for a gift for mom if you're in the UK (Mother's Day is this Sunday) or would like to accompany spring clean with a "clean-smelling" fragrance.

illustration by Adrian Valencia, found on Google search

So here are the links for you:

5 Fragrances to Get You In the Mood for Spring

Clean fragrances: a selection of sorts (with some not-often mentioned choices, from Cerruti to Hermes to Acca Kappa)

And some tips for when sampling perfumes (hey, if you're buying a gift, tuck in some blotters in your purse to show her and let her choose!)

Finally, below are some Perfume Shrine archives links re: "spring scents" for you:

Spring Floral Fragrances Delicate Beauties Yielding Under your Caress

Scents That Sing Spring: top 10

Aquarelle Scents: When Perfume Behaves as Art

Sitting Quietly, Doing Nothing, Spring Comes, and the Grass Grows by Itself

Green fragrances: a Slice of Nature (since St.Patrick's Day is around the corner!)



  1. Hi Elena,

    I just want say how much I enjoy reading your blog :-) I have read it for a couple of years now and there is always something interesting to read so last week I decided - at last! - to subscribe. Better late than never :-)

    Clean, green fragrances have always been favourites of mine and I found several in today's post, Calandre, O de Lancome, Vetiver by Guerlain and not forgetting Herbal Essence shampoo - I absolutely loved using that shampoo. Reading the post I suddenly felt 15 years old again :-) BTW, I found a bottle of Esprit Life Edt in my local equivalent to Boots (I live on Bonaire in the Caribbean) as I was looking for something fresh. I highly recommend, a fresh and feminine fragrance and a bargain (for me) at 20 USD.

    Thanks again for a trip down memory lane!

    1. Thank you Eva for the vote of confidence and for your most kind words!
      There's a time for down & dirty (if you know what I mean...hehehe) and a time for clean or green. I kinda enjoy their change of pace after the animalics and the honeyed florals, because they act as a stimulant and that's kinda welcome too! Lots of people adore the Herbal Essence shampoo, I think whoever would issue a specifically referencing eau de toilette would be sitting on top of a best-seller. Especially now that greens and light chypres are kinda re-making it into the mainstream.
      Thank you also for the recommendation for Esprit Life! I hadn't tried this one and it does sound like a great bargain. Enjoy!!

  2. Anonymous14:48

    Have been looking out for your "spring post", thanks Elena! Had my eye on Bas de Soie and Flora Nerolia but waited for this year's instalment from you (and still have to wait till the end of Lent ha ha). Now definitely have to try Acca Kappa White Moss if I can get a sample! Thanks again. Katya B

    1. Thank you Katya, glad you're enjoying the posts.
      I like both Bas de Soie and Flora Nerolia very much; they have something about them that is just right. The second is alas discontinued but it can be found on ebay from time to time.
      The WM thingie is cultish and justifiably so, retro grooming scent but modern presentation. Do try it when you can!


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