Saturday, February 7, 2015

Perfumery for Everyone: Italian Course in Perfumery

Cult perfumer Dominique Dubrana, going by the alias Abdes Salaam Attar, responsible for the wondrous offerings of La Via del Profumo, is organizing again on of this famous perfumery courses in the idyllic setting of Italy, in Rimini.

"After years of interruption in teaching, I am organizing a 5 to 7 days seminar to teach my philosophy of perfumery and my method of making perfumes. The course will be held in the hills of Rimini from 10th to 15th June, and there is an accommodation package.

Teachings will be about natural raw materials, including animal scents and rare essences, several of which can be smelled only with me. Then the crucial point of how to understand and evaluate the quality of natural raw materials will follow. The sourcing of the best essences will be explained so that who has learned how to make perfumes with me can carry on as a perfumer. Then perfume descriptive language, philosophy and ethics of natural perfumery which are fundamentally important because the nose is only secondary to the mind in making perfumes, which is before all a mental attitude.

There will be everyday blending workshops of different methods and approaches in order to keep the interest high. I shall teach how to proceed in custom blending for private customers and friends and also how to apprehend concept blending for companies. Last but not least, Lavender will be full blown in Rimini by June and there might be a distillation course with a further day."

For more info & contact visit the Facebook page and the Profumo blog.


  1. Noooooo!!
    Why do I live more than 12.000 kms far from there??
    I wish I had the possibility of doing something like that over here (Patagonia Argentina).
    To all those who go... please post pics!!! ;)

    1. Welcome aboard Perfume Shrine and hope that something along those lines is organized closer by to you soon!

  2. Miss Heliotrope01:00

    Do they provide antihistamines?

    (LOVE being able to edit - thank you)

  3. I am buying a lottery ticket on the weekend!

    1. Ha! I bet the trip to Italy wouldn't be an utter nuisance either :-D


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