Friday, December 5, 2014

Limited edition of Serge Lutens L'orpheline

One of the loveliest designs on perfume bottles sneaked itself into my inbox. The Christmas edition of one of my most worn in 2014 fragrances, L'Orpheline by Serge Lutens, has a spectacular engraved bottle Édition gravée “Croix de cimetière” (i.e. cemetery cross). I admit that although I'm not exceedingly particular about bottles (compared to the contents, I mean, otherwise design interests me immensely), this one caught my breath.

" Elle se met en quatre pour vous faire plaisir. L’orpheline, c’est du fer en dentelle. "
- Serge Lutens

She is so eager to please you. The orphan girl, iron dressed in lace.

Feast your eyes on it, because this super rare edition of L'Orpheline comes in only 9 numbered and dated bottles, monogrammed SL,  fetching really high prices.

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  1. The Lutens engraved bottles are unfailingly gorgeous, and always have the most most insane prices.

  2. 9 bottles!?!?! Are they hand-carved or something? That's really limited edition!

  3. Imagine if you dropped it!

  4. Anonymous07:13

    This is on my "to boy" list anyway in the plain vanilla bottle. But out of curiosity, how much is the beautiful bottle above? (I am sitting down). Does he distribute them at auction or to predetermined people like friends, royalty, etc?


  5. Anonymous07:14

    I meant "to buy" - can't type.


  6. C,

    *le sigh*

    Can't agree with you more.

  7. Sun Mi,

    they're engraved by hand and they have a special technique to make the glass feel both etched and sand blasted.
    They look stunning.

  8. M,

    only you would think of the slapstick element of it!!!

    (Indeed. You're right!)

  9. Isabella,

    I think those run about 800 euros or so.

    They are for extremely dedicated bottle collectors. I'm not one of them, but these wouldn't displease me at all if I was gifted with them.

    Hope you enjoy your "vanilla" (ha!) purchase.


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