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Guerlain Christmas Collection 2014: Coque d'Or and more...

borrowed from excellent beauty blog Musings of a Muse
The makeup and body products collection by Guerlain for the 2014 holidays this winter is stunning! Inspired by the opera and the ballet, it takes its references from Piotr I. Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake ballet and Igor Stravisky's Petroushka (Petrouchka in French) ballet and L'Oiseau de Feu (the firebird), as well as Guerlain's own archives of perfumes, with Coque d'Or.

The star of the collection is no doubt Coque d'Or, an iridescent perfumed powder for body and hair with a retro style "pouf" pump that retails for 79 euros. The bottle design in gold reprises the mold for the legendary  Coque d'Or, an old Guerlain fragrance for which the flacon could not be repeated because the factory producing it had been bombed during the war. The re-use of bottle and name for makeup products (and specifically for the body powder for the holidays) follows into the steps of the previous Vol de Nuit and Liu offerings.

via The Style & Beauty Doctor

The rest of the collection includes Palette Petruchka (available at Sephora),  a palette on two layers (as shown above) for eyes and cheeks (€77), 2 eyeshadow duos, one called Cygne Blanc (white swan) in pearly white and lilac, and the other Cygne Noir (black swan) in plum and black, which are €40.50 each. There is the loose pearls of powder product in the Meteorites mold, this year's edition being Perles d'Etoile , i.e. pearls off a star (€49) in a luxurious, collectible gold pot. There is a diaphanous gold lipgloss named L'Oiseau de Feu (€29)as well as the corresponding gold fleck nail top coat (€23.50). Last but not least, a golden metallic nail polish also named Coque d'Or (€23.50).


  1. You know Helg... I don't get hooked on many Christmas editions that the companies bring out but .... It was the Guerlain that really impressed me this year!

    What Dior brought out here this year for Christmas is rather "sad" I thought.

    Bobbi Browns were great too!

  2. M,

    they do bring out lovely things, their makeup range is promising as a rule.

    Haven't cheched Dior's (still stuck on last "cruise" season's Mayday lipstick which is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s)

    It'd take me a longish trip to sample Bobbi Brown, but will note it down in case I'm close by for something, so as not to miss.

  3. Anonymous01:41

    I saw the Coque d'Or perfumed powder atomizer at Neiman Marcus last week. It's plastic rather than glass (or possibly plastic-coated glass), but does look nice. I did not test it the powder, so I can't report on the contents.

    Nonetheless, the original bottles are far more beautiful (both the gold shell and "plain" blue cobalt versions). With patience, it is possible to capture one on ebay for less than the price of the holiday collection. ;-) -- nozknoz

  4. Noz,

    plastic, ewwww....I will take your word for it that it still looks good.
    As I said, the glass mould was destroyed. The glass bottle with gold gilding would make the powder too expensive for the average powder buyer I suppose.

    Last bottle I saw being run for a semi-decent price was sold at Basenotes by Roja Dove himself (filled with one of his own creations, which seemed odd at the time, for semiotics reasons, but which did make it good value for money). FWIW.


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